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C’mon over to where the main discussion happens after the episode! Healthy or not? It may sur…
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  1. Yabbie Wan said on 11-04-2014

    Man, those legs!

  2. Michal Kolman said on 11-04-2014

    Sorry about everyone fastforwarding to the ingredients at 14:00. I think
    the list of those 5 ingredients is cool but it won’t make a difference in
    your life cause you will still be eating a lot of bad stuff. Instead, head
    over to foodbabes website and check it out. In this video, the first half
    of it is the most inspirational and worth your time.

  3. AL capone said on 11-04-2014

    Marie is the best!!!!

  4. Jolita Brilliant said on 11-04-2014

    love these ladies

  5. Anita Cairns said on 11-04-2014

    FYI. They start getting to the point at 14:00…

  6. Luigi Frigo said on 11-04-2014

    “How to live a very clean organic life.”
    So simple and noble and how is portrait by the food conglomerates to
    confuse people.

  7. M eb said on 11-04-2014

    electrolytes are minerals and don’t get “diminished”!!

  8. mayagayam said on 11-04-2014

    12 min in – I wish people would stick to the topic on the title that I came
    for. Grr. Talk about false advertising.

  9. Sofija Daudoraviciute said on 11-04-2014

    SHOOT video about ukrain, im lithuanian quite afraid.

  10. WombatBitch said on 11-04-2014

    Read the book Grain Brain.

  11. Brian Stusalitus said on 11-04-2014

    Please watch this! Thank you so much for sharing this insightful
    information Marie and Vani. I vote FoodBabe to be president of FDA and
    USDA and current administration to be kicked out. 

  12. mikee8585 said on 11-04-2014


  13. Melissa Quintero said on 11-04-2014

    Coconut sugar… I will check out this info!!!

  14. Normandy F said on 11-04-2014

    Their shoes are fine. Their not walking a mile. Thanks for the info.

  15. Ryan D said on 11-04-2014

    it’s hard to take anyone seriously who says medium chain fatty acids are
    used to create amino acids…

  16. Eat 2 Be Healthy said on 11-04-2014

    2 of my favorite women talking about finding your passion and 5 Surprising
    Health Foods You Shouldn’t Eat!!

  17. John Doe said on 11-04-2014

    1:56 damn

  18. Kevin Johns said on 11-04-2014

    Ever notice all the most interesting business people are also interested in
    health and nutrition?

  19. Laure V said on 11-04-2014

    Almond milk!! NOOO!!! ='(

  20. Eda O Donnell said on 11-04-2014


  21. Keziah Plamondon said on 11-04-2014


  22. Lauren Aniess said on 11-04-2014

    Now I’m worried about the BPA in my coconut can milk. I normally buy mine
    to make rendang (beef stew) from Asian grocery stores. Maybe Trader Joe’s
    are safe!

  23. katherine whale said on 11-04-2014

    Love both girls but information she’s giving is wrong and uneducated. Go
    learn your trade and you’ll get a lot more respect x

  24. omar westmaas said on 11-04-2014

    Omg there goes gatorade that is definitly ma fav drink fml 

  25. Harmless Harvest said on 11-04-2014

    We are so happy to be included in this video. We believe in making coconut
    water the only way it should be done – 100% Raw & 100% Organic. Nothing
    Added & Never Heated!

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