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Score: 14.500 Aug. 17, 2013 – XL Center – Hartford, Conn.

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  1. Olivia Lewis said on 15-04-2014

    she puts the “art” in “artistic gymnastics” I love Kyla she’s my fav

  2. Amy GymFan said on 15-04-2014


  3. Marco Ordonez said on 15-04-2014

    I like this routine more than the one she used in 2012, but i just have to
    say that eventhough she has beautiful choreography, everytime i watch this
    routine it feels unnatural to me. I feel like she has to the moves but they
    are learned, its like this one is next then this one, then this one, idk i
    feel like her moves dont flow like lets say for example Mustafina or
    Nastia, i mean watch them and you see this flow like its not a learned
    choreography where they move from move to move just because they leraned it
    that way(like Kyla does). Just saying!

  4. busho said on 15-04-2014

    I wish she kept the tiny steps at 0:27-0:28 (and the choreography after
    that for that matter), they were artsy. 

  5. Ron Webb said on 15-04-2014

    I think this routine is wonderful!!! Especially the music/dance! I think
    she is one of the best at putting it all together in a beautiful package
    thats very easy on the eyes!!

  6. JustSingLouder said on 15-04-2014

    Does anyone know the name of her floor music? I love it! Great routine, I
    think she really has improved on her dance. 🙂

  7. dancefreak1025 said on 15-04-2014

    her leo is so pretty! as is this routine! I agree with other comments,
    she’s grown up a lot in a year

  8. Vania Ulmer said on 15-04-2014

    I respect her like a gymnast,and her work, and acrobacy on floor is pretty
    good ,I appretiate that she wants to be artistic like the russians,but she
    has to be herself,I don’t want to be offensive,but she looks like, the
    Travesti version of Aliya Mustafina.

  9. groud123456 said on 16-04-2014

    Mustafina and Afansyeva don’t have any expression in the routine. what they
    do always jus octopus dances around the floor

  10. hijlaa said on 16-04-2014

    Her choreographers have watched too many of Mustafina’s routine

  11. Argyle said on 16-04-2014

    Biles expresses herself well, has great upper body carriage, and moves very
    nicely. Just because she’s a power tumbler doesn’t mean she doesn’t look
    good doing the other parts of her routine, too.

  12. Joann Hilton said on 16-04-2014

    Ps…her choreography shows why mckayla chose to leave gym-max and go with
    All-Olympia. Her dance and technique on floor bumped her to an AA
    contender. (Been folowing mustafina and she is looking good, not great
    though. If the olympics were now..USA would have it all over them again.
    Cant wait for RIO)!!!! Jordyn and Gabby planning on 2014 attempt at worlds.

  13. pitter0813 said on 16-04-2014

    I see some don’t like her choreography, but it’s better than her routine
    last year, and better than most everyone else on the national team. She is
    clean, has beautiful lines, and now has some added maturity to her work.
    Good for her! And btw, she looks BEAUTIFUL in this leo and red lipstick!!!

  14. Sandra Idle said on 16-04-2014

    i wish she didn’t get rid of the wip to double tuck it was such a pretty
    pass and she did it well, original too!

  15. ghostshell30 said on 16-04-2014

    That my girl Love her.

  16. Ballet Variations said on 16-04-2014

    Agreed…I didnt see any difference from her old routine, her choreo is
    pretty much throw her head back and pose every 5 seconds…and this because
    apparently the choreo was from the same who did Ohashi, Wieber,
    Priessman,Maggie Nichols etc

  17. MusicLuver093 said on 16-04-2014

    She’s gotten much better at her artistry

  18. macerface said on 16-04-2014

    She looks like such a lady out there this year! She made herself look like
    a veteran this year, a real senior and extremely polished even though she’s
    only a second year senior. Love her 🙂

  19. cigtt said on 16-04-2014

    artistry in my opinion is about taking care of every movement that you do
    with consideration and thought. This doesn’t necessarily translate into
    good execution. But for me, there are some who just rattle off their
    routine from muscle memory, and those who perform it every time. Kyla is
    the latter.

  20. Laurenmitchellfan456 said on 16-04-2014

    I love this floor so much!

  21. Diemsey17 said on 16-04-2014

    BILES?! Granted, she is a total power gymnast and is incredible, but
    definitely not the best dancer out there in my opinion. But I agree with
    the rest of your comment. 🙂

  22. MJWJD87 said on 16-04-2014

    If she gets a bit more difficulty she will be able to easily beat Biles –
    and the rest of the world, too. Her style is so regal and the best since

  23. Erica Bates said on 16-04-2014

    Kyla is so polished. As for her difficulty Marta said that Kyla will only
    compete skills that she is comfortable with. Per Marta Kyla is a
    perfectionist. They are going add more difficulty next year.

  24. misterhebe said on 16-04-2014

    She looks gorgeous in that strapless leotard!

  25. Joann Hilton said on 16-04-2014

    I saw this live and she far exceeded 7th place on this event!! Yes, Maroney
    has improved a lot dance wise since switching up gyms and deserved 1st. But
    from what I saw.. kyla should have had 3-4th on floor. She was underscored
    🙁 still awesome

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