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Question by ilovesummer: Philosophy question about Mind/Body and surviving death?!!??!?
What would have to be true about the human mind, in its relationship to the body, for our minds or ourselves to survive the body’s death?

Develop a list of the conditions that would make such survival a philosophical possibility. (For example, mind and body could not be one and the same…)

ANY ideas?!

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Answer by Aajajajaja Aja
Here is my answer
We don’t know if our mind exists beyond our body, nobody knows.
Now, I THINK not knowing is a good thing, because it leads to something called spirituality.

I don’t mean to me harsh here, i’m just saying.

One of the things that causes me a lot of pleasure about living is not knowing about what happens next. That allows me to worry about life a lot and, at the same time, not worrying at all.

anyway, that’s just me.

Good luck with your question, kisses!!!

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  1. Larry G. said on 29-04-2014

    1. The brain is not the mind.

    2. The brain does not create consciousness, but is rather like a radio receiver that is tuned into the Universal mind or “mind at large”.

    3. Thus, when the brain dies, the radio receiver stops working, but the transmitter of consciousness continues uninterrupted.

    Note: Teilhard de Chardin developed a concept of the “noosphere”, a band of consciousness that surrounds the earth. See:


  2. Terry W said on 29-04-2014

    for our minds to survive our body’s death, the mind would have to be separate from the brain.

    There is not evidence for this

    Indeed all evidence points to the mind being the ‘programme’ of the brain. Thus, upon the brains death, the mind stops.

    Another possibility is that we are all just ‘mind’ i.e. something like an element in a massive ‘computer programme’. There are some who do propose this.

  3. baerchen80 said on 29-04-2014

    for the mind or the self to survive after death, they would need to be independent of the brain – simple as that. if they are depending on the brain, then: no brain, no self.

    and in fact, the brain does create what we call mind, self and consciousness, although some scientists and philosophers such as John Searle or Roger Penrose still believe otherwise, as Descartes did long ago. according to modern science, there cannot be any such thing as mind, spirit or consciousness in existence outside or independent of matter. this is called monism – there is only one thing, namely matter – as opposed to dualism, the belief that matter AND mind do exist independently.

    it has been clearly shown that, even within living subjects (ehm, humans of course), the mind will “disappear” as a result of damage to the brain, and even slight impairments can have a huge effect on the character, self-image or mental fitness of patients. the brain has to work properly for us to actually know who we are, to remember things or even think straight. so without a brain, there’s no you.

    if you are interested in up-to-date discussions about mind/body (not some sphere theory from 1922…), try these:
    “Conversations on Consciousness” Susan Blackmore
    “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea” Daniel Dennett
    “The Feeling Of What Happens” or “Self Comes To Mind” Antonio Damasio
    “The Ego-Tunnel” Thomas Metzinger

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