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How Much Can Data Improve Your Health? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios

You may have heard of the Jawbone, Fitbit, Nike Fuelband or one of the myriad of other wearable self-tracking gadgets. Heck, you might even be wearing one ri…

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  1. Robert Misner said on 23-06-2014

    Go for a walk and then do the “I took a walk” homework.

    *This makes me want one of these things.*

  2. PressFartToContinue said on 23-06-2014

    This whole video sparks my interest in buying one of these things

  3. Quantum Atom Theory an artist theory on the physics of 'time' said on 23-06-2014

    Data is nothing without an objective understanding! 

  4. Rumburak said on 23-06-2014

    These devices are a sad crotch for people so out of touch with themselves
    that they need mechanical slaves to tell them what they did the day.
    I know myself. I know what I’m doing. And that is work. Hard work, people.
    This process of being aware of ones existence and what one is doing with
    one’s life IS life.
    Go out and talk to a stranger about something meaningful – you will find
    out more about yourself than by wearing such a bracelet for years.
    We don’t need to quantizise our lives. This society does that for us more
    than enough! Try quality instead of quantity for a change….I’m pretty
    sure you won’t regret it.

  5. Eric Jain said on 23-06-2014

    A (fast-paced) discussion of #QuantifiedSelf on the PBS Idea Channel.

  6. Wednesday's Serial said on 23-06-2014

    Wait what was that X-men argument? They haven’t been mostly white in ages. 

  7. Philosophy Tube said on 23-06-2014

    This negative side of this physical to numerical reduction comes out when
    people are UNhealthy. People who go through extended stays in hospital,
    where there’s lots of quantifying of selves into medical data, sometimes
    say they don’t like being looked at like aggregates of data or bits of
    meat. It’s actually a much more nasty issue if it happens to people who are
    elderly or sick because it’s harder for them to assert themselves as people
    past the data. Reduction of unhealthy bodies to quantified selves can make
    you feel isolated when you least need to if people focus too much on
    altering your numbers and not your treatment.

  8. devint2409 said on 23-06-2014

    if by some weird string of events PBS had to cancel idea channel would you
    continue to do similar videos on your own?

  9. watergod321 said on 23-06-2014

    I’m wondering what comparison can be drawn from quantified selves [lower
    case] to the kind of person who takes personality test upon personality
    test upon personality test. The clearest distinction I can draw is that the
    lower case group collect the data and sits on it like a trophy saying ‘this
    is me, now leave me to my facebooking and twitter tweets’ while the ones in
    the capital letter ‘Quantified Selves’ are the kind of person who mold
    their mind into a picture in their heads and use the details of the
    information to overlay their current selves to hat. As for the questions
    you asked, I say that the most depressing thing is if you are a ‘capital’
    follower and either you didn’t meet your goals or you find your hard work
    not adding up to what you planned out or expected, slashing your confidence
    of you actually progressing yourself in the healthier direction.

  10. J.D. Black said on 23-06-2014

    I love how mature this show is. No swearing, or immaturity of any kind in
    the comments. Just beautiful.

  11. ganjamcninja said on 23-06-2014

    I got the chance to argue against allow homosexuals (or rather, open
    homosexuals) in the military for class once and I gotta say… defending or
    arguing a point of view that you don’t actually have is a pretty good
    mental exercise, but the looks I got for that one weren’t too pleasant.

  12. LeonardGreenland said on 23-06-2014

    I’m always shaking my 3DS pedometer for daily Play Coins

  13. ThisIsTheLine said on 23-06-2014

    Here’s an idea, can horror videogame franchises truly stay scary?
    (Dead Space, Resident Evil, etc.)

  14. TheRecreator said on 23-06-2014

    The problem with having “super luck” as a super power is that luck is just
    having something really unlikely happen to you, and that will be a bad
    thing half, or most, of the time.

  15. houdini2233 said on 23-06-2014

    Wow, lots of racism in the comments section from the last video. White
    people are minorities in many places, so to say such a blanket statement
    that white people cant understand what its like to be alienated from their
    culture is blatantly wrong and is no different than saying black people are
    incapable of attaining higher education.

  16. Jontman42 said on 23-06-2014

    Hank Hill talks about her experiences as a Pakistani muslim woman.

    That’s a sentence you rarely hear.

  17. Marc Erickson said on 23-06-2014
  18. didsomebodysaykatie said on 23-06-2014

    For me self tracking is just terrifying because it would make me ultra self
    conscious and even more introverted, and therefore eat more because of the
    sadness that I eat too much.

  19. Nizati said on 23-06-2014

    Data is good!!! I would Love to know more about myself and figure out ways
    to help make my body better… Buuut…. Yeah… I don’t like the
    competitiveness of it. Or the data sharing. You KNOW there is insurance and
    data mining companies who would Loooove to get their hands on that data…

  20. Lazauya said on 23-06-2014

    I’m sorry, but I laughed at 11:14.

  21. epicpolyphony said on 23-06-2014

    I’m title case QS. Such data is nearly pointless if you don’t use it to
    make changes. 

  22. lordelliott42 said on 23-06-2014

    “How Much Can Data Improve Your Health?”

    Before even watching, I can answer.
    *Not at all.* It’s what you do with the data that *might* improve health.

  23. Indigo Rosario said on 23-06-2014

    You probably only have so many steps because you wave your hands around (a
    lot) when you’re talking.

  24. KiloSierraAlpha said on 23-06-2014

    Nice infomercial. Had no idea PBS was into this infomercial business.

  25. Faisal Alsharif said on 23-06-2014

    hey guys wtf is this thing called ( the freaking watch on his hand)?

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