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People with various jobs in the public health industry describe their positions.
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  1. Roguemember said on 13-06-2014

    Higher Education = only for the privileged´╗┐

  2. Marissa Luck said on 13-06-2014

    Thanks this video was very insightful!!´╗┐

  3. klj10d said on 13-06-2014

    I’m currently working on my MPH!´╗┐

  4. JPX30 said on 13-06-2014

    These people don’t make me want to study this at all.

  5. ssimmons0602 said on 13-06-2014

    I work in public health but came to it late in my career path. My personal
    prejudice (and I use that word deliberately) is that there are too many
    people in public health who came there straight from school. Working for a
    few years in the public sector with a for-profit or non-profit healthcare
    organization and THEN getting your MPH is a better idea. Note I said
    personal prejudice! So take my advice with a grain of salt.

  6. ssimmons0602 said on 13-06-2014

    btw should have added that I truly enjoy my job.

  7. keda328 said on 13-06-2014

    thanks so much for this video! Extremely helpful

  8. wealthyman wisdom said on 13-06-2014

    A friend of mine has a sister with a masters degree in public health. she
    has been looking for a job for a while now. what suggestions do you have
    that can help her get a job ?

  9. ssimmons0602 said on 13-06-2014

    Jobs in the public sector generally don’t pay that well; there’s usually a
    good benefits and retirement package though.

  10. Belinda Makadia said on 13-06-2014

    I having been trying to find myself careerwise and am finally studying
    environmental epidemiology. I love what am learning and watching this video
    makes me feel that i made a right decision. thanks you guys for presenting
    the different perspectives of public health.

  11. shanisha0730 said on 13-06-2014

    currently persuing this degree. This comment has me worried lbs!

  12. chelsea stacey said on 13-06-2014

    Does this degree get you a well paying job?

  13. marck gusty said on 13-06-2014

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