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If you’ve watched past episodes of Idea Channel, you know we’re huge fans of Minecraft. This totally amazing video game allows you to build your own world fr…
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  1. Jake Duncan said on 18-06-2014

    *Is Minecraft the Ultimate Educational Tool?* from @pbsideachannel

  2. Walrus said on 18-06-2014

    I’d love to give hisstory lessons (Get it?) to kids with minecraft. Imagine
    how cool it ‘d be to walk around a Roman city, to learn about the Roman
    customs etc. I’m sure I’d find it cool

  3. omegasoldier382 said on 18-06-2014

    If I were a teacher, I’d use Assassin’s Creed to teach history.

  4. JJTy Awesomer said on 18-06-2014

    Fun Fact of the Day: Minecraft Is Educational!

    SPOILER ALERT! (Just kidding 🙂 ) Minecraft, Is actually educational! *mind
    explodes* Sorry if i just ruined the whole game for you.

    Today i had a chemistry test, then we worked in the lab on a project. the
    quiz was on periodic table elements. After playing
    Minecraft/Tekkit/FTB/Custom Modpacks for quite a while, I knew what some of
    the element names were like Iron, Gold, Copper, Silver, Tin and it actually
    helped me! What was also cool, is we did an experiment where we made “Gold
    pennys” which were actually bronze. She had asked the class “real gold? or
    not?” I said no, she asked why and I explained that brass looks like gold
    (thanks tekkit!) and that brass is an alloy (thanks tinkers construct!)

    Also, The Guy in the video below brings up some amazing points about the
    game being used for education. Also, did you know that Minecraft is
    actually being used in schools for teaching? MinecraftEDU!

    #minecraftedu #minecraft #tekkitlite #feedthebeast #technicpack

  5. Caleb Chavez said on 18-06-2014

    Ok Guys BREAKTHROUGH Minecraft is edu. Is Minecraft the Ultimate
    Educational Tool? | Idea Channel | PBS Digital Studios Watch this it is
    sooo cool

  6. Eric Hughes said on 18-06-2014

    Minecraft is a pretty good game but its fanbase is completely retarded

  7. Hunter Klein said on 18-06-2014

    Have you made a video on whether or not games are a form of art? I believe
    they are! If you haven’t made one you totally should

  8. TheWibbledee said on 18-06-2014

    Whatever PCs the students were playing on were terrible.

  9. Isa Sharif said on 18-06-2014

    I learned from Minecraft a lot about Geology.
    I actually found out that one of my close classmates plays the game too
    when we both knew the same things in Geology class, which we knew from
    Minecraft, for example, how is Obsidian created (when hot lava cools very
    quickly, that is by touching water in the game), and that Diamonds are
    created very deep inside earth.

  10. Wes Warner said on 18-06-2014

    I enjoying gaming and have a big interest in involving games in education.
    I also enjoy technology. Minecraft merges these two loves into one
    amazing artifact that can be used in schools.

    Colleagues of mine in Australia, Singapore and th eUAE have been able to
    create courses in English, Maths, Science and History using Minecraft. The
    great opportunity that exists for us as educators is that the students will
    be keen to help facilitate their own learning as Minecraft has currency
    with them.

    Imagine the Digital Technologies curriculum embedded online in a Minecraft
    server – WOW!

  11. AllOfChristendom said on 18-06-2014

    I didn’t watch the video, but I know that this is how fat, nerdy kids
    vandalize school property.

  12. lily14130 said on 18-06-2014

    It’s just that I feel like games and school should be two separate things.
    Games are for leisure, and if they are used properly they can be good, but
    they can easily get out of hand.

  13. chief_laxorous said on 18-06-2014

    My school just got computers with Windows XP on them. lol

  14. woodman_victory said on 19-06-2014

    Minecraft is a great teaching tool wish my school had it

  15. Zombicide said on 19-06-2014

    Yeah, I really want my kids learning that water doesn’t require a source to
    flow and that trees become suspended in the air when you chop them down …
    with your fists … brilliant. Oh and mind you, Minecraft isn’t what makes
    Minecraft even as good of a tool as it is, which isn’t much, it’s the mods.
    Vanilla doesn’t even have shit for content.

  16. George F. Bartan said on 19-06-2014
  17. Hunter Bennett said on 19-06-2014

    Now if only the computers at my school can run Minecraft…

  18. ChaingunCassidy said on 19-06-2014

    When I grow up I wanna go to Minecraft University!

  19. malaika schmit said on 19-06-2014

    I will show this my English teacher, for most of the class its foreign but
    i can speak it. Assinment: Build a House andPut signs in it.Example: Made
    by does who dont have to learn grammar and that stuff thats hard to teach
    by games

  20. William Simpson said on 19-06-2014

    lol video game highschool u=in one of the clips

  21. jxk46 said on 19-06-2014

    I remember 3 years ago I told my principle to look up minecraft school I
    wonder if she did it…

  22. James York said on 19-06-2014

    I use minecraft as a platform to teach Japanese. #nihongo #kotobaminers 

  23. Super Golden Bros said on 19-06-2014

    Minecraft can teach art,entertain,teach math,can teach science-ish if its a
    mathematical science,language,and more.Perfect teaching item.(accept for
    science :P)

  24. Daniel Reckord said on 19-06-2014

    I’m just waiting for some fanboy to say that we should play COD for
    educational purposes. Then I will slam my head the my keyboard

  25. TreyNitrotoluene said on 19-06-2014

    GAMIFY All the Things!

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