Make Your Life Better! what do you want to embrace about yourself? let’s be friends love, vanae.
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  1. Muda Le said on 01-06-2014

    the subscribe button is not longer “above”… 🙂

  2. GoldenChild said on 01-06-2014

    did you get a breast reduction you seem flatter then before?

  3. Joseph Sungkawa said on 01-06-2014

    Embracing my own human weakness instead of ignoring

  4. michaellui74 said on 02-06-2014

    Please reply

  5. Steven Venn said on 02-06-2014

    You need a lav mic, Vanae. It would improve the sound.

  6. GoldenChild said on 02-06-2014

    doesnt sound legit to me maybe shes not using pushup bra anymore

  7. Steven Venn said on 02-06-2014

    I would like to know about finding a career that is suited to my interests.

  8. tarofilms said on 02-06-2014

    have you got a boyfriend?

  9. Andrey Kirichenko said on 02-06-2014

    My self improvement is to stop being so shy and more outgoing

  10. Sean Hastings said on 02-06-2014

    I agree that balance is important. Also, I suck at showing emotions, so I
    guess I need to work on that. Perhaps you could do a video on how
    emotionally damaged and socially-awkward guys can get better at showing
    emotion, expressing emotion, and communicating with people?

  11. marinesrock316 said on 02-06-2014

    signs a girl likes you

  12. Angel Sanchez said on 02-06-2014

    I want to embrace the honest in me and maybe find love

  13. Duston McCreary said on 02-06-2014

    My goal is to murder more people and to steal more money. Feel free to
    cover this topic.

  14. Trace Rollins said on 02-06-2014

    I want to embrace a job that pays more than $ I can move back out
    of my parents house..

  15. Philip Sztark said on 02-06-2014

    nope seems pretty legit to me

  16. Robert Jova said on 02-06-2014

    FOCUS . be in the moment …. Be well, Bob

  17. SOCRATES012 said on 02-06-2014

    I think most of us want to embrace YOU ;p

  18. szász sándor said on 02-06-2014

    nagyon jo ez a zene

  19. mc15cp said on 02-06-2014

    Embracing my silliness with my fiancé

  20. Politicalimplication said on 02-06-2014

    What do you consider work Vanae? And what kind of work do you do? I’m very
    curious? I’ve always found it kind of funny that you never really mention
    much about yourself but always want to know lots about everyone else.

  21. Vinhhotboii said on 02-06-2014

    Thank for the video.

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