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NHS Careers: Nursing Careers: a career in mental health nursing

To find out more about mental health nursing, visit the NHS Careers website:…
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  1. NHSCareers said on 05-06-2014

    Take a look at the information on the NHS Careers website about mental
    health nursing which lists some of the challenges of working in this area.
    You can find the link in the video description above. Thanks.

  2. Dugan8520 said on 05-06-2014

    This was a great video. I must say it enlighted me on a few things I didnt
    know about.

  3. NHSCareers said on 05-06-2014

    Really glad you liked it.

  4. mrkungfu8 said on 05-06-2014

    I’m thinking about training to do mental health nursing, what makes dislike
    the service? genuine question.

  5. akroidian1 said on 05-06-2014

    NHS mental health services should be called Nazi Health System…Jack
    Booted Thugs!

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