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The late-night infomercials for the P90X at-home workout are infamous. If you’ve always been intrigued by this exercise program created by Tony Horton but ha…

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  1. Priyank Patel said on 27-06-2014

    This almost-magical weight loss strategy burns fat faster than any powders,
    pills, or potions. Just go and Google Fat Blast Factor to find out more.

  2. ptangboy said on 27-06-2014

    Thys is a nice warm up and stretch but where is the actual workout?

  3. crucialm18 said on 27-06-2014

    that should do for me 11;08 minutes of watching this while i smoke my
    doobie and drink my coffee before i hit my fav mmo thanks guys 

  4. Aye Banyez said on 27-06-2014

    haha when he said he’ll get the ball out of the way..he kicked it, but it
    rolled back to where it was

  5. Aye Banyez said on 27-06-2014

    @samurai person. He shattered his right knee cap when he was a kid.
    Otherwise I think your just looking at his quad muscles lol..which make his
    knees look weird i guess

  6. sagehiphop said on 27-06-2014

    He is a hot older guy

  7. Aisha Rahman said on 27-06-2014

    the girl is so annoying

  8. misterChar12629 said on 27-06-2014


  9. CingitorixMC said on 27-06-2014

    Just lol

  10. drakenette13 said on 27-06-2014

    He said four TO 500 hundred med ball

  11. misssweetbaby said on 27-06-2014

    Fun workout! Tony, stop by more often!

  12. MsAnnaTali said on 27-06-2014

    Great Video!!!

  13. gftc10 said on 27-06-2014

    goooosh I do 6 vids a day but there are SOO manny good ones I want to do,
    too! it’s horrible bc I dont have time, or energy to do more (daily) 😀

  14. SamuraiX6288 said on 27-06-2014

    His knees look weird…

  15. Miss Amanda said on 27-06-2014

    holy cow, it’s hard to “thumbs up” something when i resented nearly every
    move! but at least it was a challenge and got me sweating–and that’s the
    whole point, right? Thanks…I think…;)

  16. bitpri05 said on 27-06-2014

    God this is boring – try les mills instead

  17. MICHELLE YU-ASSOUS said on 27-06-2014

    Wow this kicked my butt! It has made me a believer in P90X.

  18. dummdumm69 said on 27-06-2014

    She would be annoying to fuck. As you keep going she will go ” oh I feel it
    in my ass” or ” oh I feel it in my lower body especially when you work my
    vagina”. Just Stfu bitch!

  19. eesperancaa said on 27-06-2014

    You can eat bread… it just depends on what kind of bread you are eating.
    Doctors in Germany recommend the Whole Rye Bread (Whole RB contains a
    complex carbs; not even a tiny bit of wheat). You do need to eat bread for
    the healthy complex carbs. The breads I see in the grocery stores here in
    the US… scary!!! With bleached flour??? Really??? You should cut out
    sugar, all the additional salt&fat and wheat (basically all the white foods
    with easy carbs, such as white rice, pasta and bread).

  20. monsterofnature said on 27-06-2014

    this man is crazy. i feel my heart is going to explote =S – anyway i enjoy
    them a lot. this reminds me of a boxing work out, very tought. more videos

  21. Astral Marmoset said on 27-06-2014

    Makes my butt hurt… I should probably get up and walk around a little
    after watching so many YouTube videos.

  22. Sarah Chung said on 27-06-2014

    Such a fun fun workout – intense but fun! Tony is great and Anna is super
    duper cute!

  23. Kavita Samadi said on 27-06-2014

    the uppercuts are hilarious!

  24. Majeste Igwe said on 27-06-2014

    Fucking hate those “my co-workers laughed” comments….. WHO GIVES A BLOODY

  25. Milka Namina said on 27-06-2014

    love Ana’s raspy laugh,she has the cutest calf’s too, not fair, great

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