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Sabir Muhammad demonstrates some of our favorite Dryland swim faster exercises at the Race Club. Learn some of the exercises that have made the Race Club uni…

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  1. Jeremy Gonzalez said on 04-06-2014

    That guy looks crazy fast…I’m encouraged to do some more training!!

  2. TheOneDono said on 04-06-2014

    It’s also important to be able to fight in open water swims. Someone kicks
    you in the chops, take them out! I wouldn’t want to box with that guy

  3. theraceclub said on 04-06-2014

    Depends on the age and strength of the swimmer. If you are young or new,
    start with the lowest resistance. You can always move backwards and put
    more stretch on the cord to make it harder. Just can’t make the bigger ones

  4. theraceclub said on 04-06-2014

    He’s still fast at about 40 years of age!

  5. Sebastian Petersen said on 04-06-2014

    How fast does he go?

  6. 0tispunkm3y3r said on 04-06-2014

    Mr Hall Sr. What strength stretchcordz do you recommend for these
    exercises? Stretchcordz green tubes go 3kg to about 10kg fully stretched.
    Are these suitable?

  7. nunufatima said on 04-06-2014

    great info, Thanks!

  8. theraceclub said on 04-06-2014

    The most important part of the stretch cord is to pull with elbows high,
    regardless of whether you recover with arms below or above. That is not so

  9. codkevin23 said on 04-06-2014

    Good thing he’s a swimmer not a boxer

  10. jordan williams said on 04-06-2014

    I swam with Sabir and worked out with him at my ymca a couple of times and
    raced him

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