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  1. Korrell Prince said on 06-07-2014

    @below lmfao!!

  2. ahmed asker said on 06-07-2014

    you are hard

  3. Aleida Membrillo said on 06-07-2014

    I skiped spinning class today ‘cuz it is too cold outside but I didn’t want
    to skip workout, so I find you and I decided to give it a try… bottom
    line, I loved it!!!!! I’n drowning in my own sweat but I’m feeling happy
    and powerful, full of energy too!! Absolutely right: TRAIN INSANE OR LOOK
    New follower <3!!!

  4. dragoo z said on 06-07-2014

    W t f not what I was looking for but it’s still a good workout thnx couch

  5. macdeneb said on 06-07-2014

    crazy Exercise 

  6. Edimilson Silva said on 06-07-2014


  7. Anaija Johnson said on 06-07-2014

    I saw the first workout and was like …. O_O

  8. Karthik Gowda said on 06-07-2014

    happy marriage dude… stay blessed…

  9. MegaMr JIN said on 06-07-2014

    Interesting very interesting , looks very challenging as hell

  10. Ayman Hawer said on 06-07-2014

    Dude Ur awsome !

  11. JustDuana said on 06-07-2014

    Looks like hard work. Pass.

  12. dudu atzly said on 06-07-2014

    Coach I didnt find the right place to say it to you but I hope you will get
    the message happy birthday man anf thank you for everything god bless you 

  13. Mike Wilson said on 06-07-2014

    He looks like one of the chuckle brothers doing the up and down routine ha

  14. Luis FX said on 06-07-2014

    dear coach i have some spanish subs for this AMAZING workout
    i would like give them to you ..

  15. Karan Rawat said on 06-07-2014


  16. Oscar Garcia said on 06-07-2014

    This workout is crap , lol.

  17. learn812 said on 06-07-2014

    your AWESOME!

  18. asin khan said on 06-07-2014

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    crimes we commit against our bodies. With Hexcul Ripped Max, you will
    discover how to get ripped fast.

  19. Noureddine Assal said on 06-07-2014

    very good thanks alot

  20. Blima Spetner said on 06-07-2014

    good cardio

  21. Rehan Rana said on 06-07-2014

    This Almost-Magical Exercise Regimen gets regular guys buff simply. Just
    Google Morsch Muscle Madness to find out more.

  22. 1968clare said on 06-07-2014

    Fantastic workout!Didnt think I could do it when I viewed it but I did!Not
    bad for a 44 year old lady!Thanks for all your great workouts,I do them all.

  23. Synks Therek said on 06-07-2014

    dont you need to warm up for this?

  24. IsoEsa66 said on 07-07-2014

    Thank you for these workout videos, mr. Kozak! Recently came across them on
    YouTube and having a blast doing high tempo exercise at home since it’s so
    cold outside. Big kudos.

  25. Vincent Brown said on 07-07-2014

    So much of this mental. I mean sweat was pouring down my body like covering
    eyes & everything. You’re feeling it SO bad in your abs & ur mind is saying
    just quit u can’t keep up with him. My heart wouldn’t quit though.

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