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Asian countries outperform the rest of the world in the OECD’s latest PISA survey, which evaluates the knowledge and skills of the world’s 15-year-olds. “Wit…

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  1. Bangu kmogo said on 10-07-2014

    Nerf asians plz

  2. Kagan Cengiz said on 10-07-2014

    *OECD International student assessment results*

    Around 510 000 students between the ages of 15 years 3 months and 16 years
    2 months participated in the assessment, representing about 28 million
    15-year-olds globally. The students took a paper-based test that lasted 2
    hours on reading, math and science

    Students in Shanghai, *China* topped the PISA 212 rankings in maths. The
    Shanghai students’ mean score in maths was the equivalent of nearly three
    years of schooling above the OECD average. Overall, seven of the 10
    highest-scoring economies in maths were in Asia.

    Among OECD countries *Korea* has the highest proportion of students who are
    top performers in maths- around 31%. That’s well ahead of the average for
    OECD but behind the overall leader Shanghai, China where over half the
    students are top performers.

    *Japan* had the highest score for reading followed very closely by Hong
    Kong, China, *Singapore*, Korea. In Europe, *Finland*, *Ireland* and
    *Poland* led in reading while *Canada* was the strongest performer in the
    Americas. *Japan* was also the top performer in science alongside Hong
    Kong, China, Singapore, Finland, Estonia and Korea.

    Across OECD countries students from better-off families scored the
    equivalent of almost a full year ahead of less-advantaged students. Boys
    generally outperform girls in maths.

    source: OECD PISA 2012

  3. mrearlygold said on 10-07-2014

    And the us which bankrupts itself with it’s giant military and other
    welfare continues to dumb down until all that will be left is some who have
    it and most who not only don’t have it, they don’t even know what it is.

  4. Andrew Levin said on 10-07-2014

    Countries on the rise in education include Brazil, Mexico, and Poland. The
    US on the other hand is stay stagnant. Given none of those countries spend
    anywhere near the amount we do on education, it sounds like the problem is
    about access to quality instruction instead.

  5. OpenTheTrollGate said on 10-07-2014


  6. Andrew Ratajczak said on 10-07-2014

    Shanghai–GO!!!! Poland–looking good!!!! US—let us wake up and invest in
    our kids!!!!

  7. PM Azinga said on 10-07-2014

    Let’s tell the whole truth. The students of China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan,
    Singapore do well because they get twice sometime three times as much math
    and science exposure per day than the average G-7 child. Yes, they do the
    traditional classroom hours of math, but they, at the expense of their
    parent pay ($8-10,000 per year) to attend at least 10 more hours of math
    per week in after-school math tutor and or test taking classes. Six days a
    week. Also Family, Population control,(one child one birth),Confucianism
    and Collectivism impact these societies significantly.

  8. Education For Liberation said on 10-07-2014

    Asian Countries Top PISA Results

  9. Asg eir said on 10-07-2014

    Sweden is being destroyed by immigration from the 3rd world, cease this
    madness immediately and let us instead help nations build themselves a
    better future, rather than taking the easy route out.

  10. suarjaguar e said on 10-07-2014

    I noticed that the Top 3 are ethnic Chinese societies.
    Hong Kong

  11. precious claire Borbano said on 10-07-2014


  12. ma4eusz said on 10-07-2014

    Do you understand “The gender gap in mathematics” chart? Are top students
    defined as belonging top 13% (assuming that number of boys equals number of

  13. Zaq Mosher said on 10-07-2014
  14. OECD said on 10-07-2014
  15. Corporaciòn GES said on 10-07-2014
  16. Kilian CD said on 10-07-2014
  17. YBARRA DANIEL said on 10-07-2014

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