Make Your Life Better! – Meet Maya, whose healthy birth is the result of stronger health systems. Strengthening health systems is at the center of t…

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  1. Anne Prokoph said on 08-07-2014

    😀 We gonna make the world a better place! Yey!

  2. Anas Aboobaker said on 08-07-2014
  3. Health Volunteers Overseas said on 08-07-2014

    Highlighting the importance of health systems. Thanks for the video, +World
    Bank !

  4. Kandie Jemuge said on 08-07-2014

    Systems thinking for health systems strengthening.Every intervention from
    the simplest to the most complex has an effect on the overall system!….

  5. actorben said on 08-07-2014

    This is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

  6. SuperHealthyHealth said on 08-07-2014

    AGREE:health as a whole — what is preventing people from being healthy,
    how we can change this, and what impact it will have on development!b

  7. Maya Hernandez said on 08-07-2014

    Me 2

  8. souksavanh saiyabouth said on 08-07-2014

    Most of very and very good movie

  9. CHEEJOEKAY said on 08-07-2014

    And afternoon Maya’s clinic is made, it must be closed down because her
    country has cut it’s funding for health to help pay the interest on its
    World Bank loan

  10. Maya Malik said on 08-07-2014

    My names maya

  11. Andreea Weed said on 08-07-2014

    great video

  12. MMWorldBank said on 08-07-2014

    Esta semana vamos a compartir este video en español y francés. ¡Gracias!

  13. maya cargen said on 08-07-2014

    im a maya but a girlll

  14. Fluser SeoLink said on 08-07-2014

    I strongly agree, health and more people should be in priority and if it
    can be input on the vision and mission

  15. Nellie K. Adaba said on 08-07-2014

    An ideal world

  16. pon chandra said on 08-07-2014

    Awwwwwww how cute and true! I’m a maya myself;)

  17. Johnny Bravo said on 08-07-2014

    nice video

  18. loli popy said on 08-07-2014

    وش جاب ام ام ام ام ام امكم يالسعوديين هنا

  19. Sano Vita said on 08-07-2014

    interesting video

  20. CapitanoGUC said on 08-07-2014

    it´s worth it. That way we got even more negros, knockin on ouer doors to
    enter te country ??? 🙂

  21. Spasatcom said on 08-07-2014

    vision of a good mission, correct it, should give priority to health in any
    case, I AGREE

  22. pepmum said on 08-07-2014

    Merci pour traduire en français et espagnol, mais je dois dire que même
    sans comprendre la langue, cette vidéo est très explicite par ses images.
    Good job HNP Team!

  23. joody055 said on 08-07-2014

    ؤحب ظلئ م

  24. MrOzono32 said on 08-07-2014

    Respetad@s Señor@s: Porque con tanto esfuerzo para realizar tan importantes
    campañas… No se traducen los videos a todos los idiomas posibles para
    difusión ???

  25. NewKeepSharing31 said on 08-07-2014

    keep improvated forhelath everyone 😀

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