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  1. beautybyamy said on 12-07-2014

    Omg I at school we ran a mile and I got 12 mins 34 seconds !!!

  2. Simone Wade said on 12-07-2014

    You look really old! 19? Lol!!

  3. Nina Salvatore said on 12-07-2014

    OH EM GEE the days when you actually posted videos. 

  4. Fay Bee said on 12-07-2014

    You have a really annoying voice

  5. Vicky Willpowerfitness said on 12-07-2014

    Strong is the new skinny.

  6. TheHannahgf said on 12-07-2014

    I’m so happy for you–mile time! I’m in 6th grade and I have to take a
    grade for a mile first mile: 12min 13sec last mile: 9min 18sec yay!

  7. Lindsey Smelski said on 12-07-2014

    Sweet potatos are one of the best vegetable for you to eat.

  8. BestWayLoseBellyFat said on 12-07-2014

    The best way to lose belly fat is by having the right diet…too many people
    only focus on exercising when first starting out…

  9. Karen G said on 12-07-2014

    Thank you this was very help full love uou

  10. Ryan Dickinson said on 12-07-2014

    You need to buy a juicer and have a little, carrot, orange & ginger juice
    or a spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger & apple juice each day to help
    incorporate some veggies! I’ll even pop broccoli in there sometimes; what
    most people don’t know is green juice is sweet and tastes similar to candy
    when mixed with certain fruit! Sometimes it’s hard to eat salad, I never
    have salad… But I’m a Leafy green freak. This is a great way to enjoy
    eating greens everyday. Bare in mind, you don’t get fiber.. but you do get
    all the minerals, vitamins, antioxidants & free radical fighting friends to
    help you body, is absorbed super quickly and a sustained healthy source of
    energy. Much love, Peta. On my boyfriends account. :)

  11. Amanda Erik Mainville said on 12-07-2014

    I know this is about weight but I love your bedroom set!

  12. betty4gators said on 12-07-2014

    great food tips – also thanks for the tip on earphones i am so sick of
    sweating and then having my earphones falling out. i too LOVE stevia!

  13. kimberly spence said on 12-07-2014

    too much talkig

  14. Kazamalaka123 said on 12-07-2014

    Food food food food lol

  15. sexykoreanchic123 said on 12-07-2014

    Curvy, skinny, busty: I think all bodies are beautiful when u flaunt it. 

  16. lakshmi priya said on 12-07-2014

    Awesome Video! Thanks for sharing.

    I was always a failure in my life and did not know the reason!

    My friend gave me this “7 habits of …” book by Covey. I read it many
    times and understood that Habits are very important in life.

    I took it seriously, so i started using “sevenhabits” mobile app by lokesh
    which was a tool to practice the 7 habits and it has helped me a lot!

    Now, I am more confident and have more energy and more focus!

  17. uzena stha said on 12-07-2014

    My family laughed when I told them I would burn fat with Nifty Fat Blaster,
    but then they saw the results. Go google Nifty Fat Blaster to see their
    reaction. (You should see their shock!)

  18. YessIt'sDanielle said on 12-07-2014

    :D. Guys can you take this survey for me please:

  19. TravelAngel18 said on 12-07-2014

    I am a health freak in a way…so I thought I would just let ya know about
    GMO’s Genetically Modified Organisms. Very bad for you just like MSG which
    is a flavor enhancer which is also very bad for you too. for more info you
    could read Jessica Alba’s book and or Daphne Oz’s cooking/everyday life
    book. Both very good books I enjoy reading and going through both book’s.!
    but ya I just thought I should tell ya bout that cause I care. I have
    learned to go Organic and look for the barcode stickers with five digit
    num. starting with the num. 9 the best that I know of for now. Anyways take
    care.! :)

  20. rajan dheke said on 12-07-2014

    Millions of people have the precious capacity to get rid of fat — but
    don’t take advantage of it. Just Go And Google Fat Blast Factor to unlock
    your full weight loss potential.

  21. kim allen bewick said on 12-07-2014

    I’ve noticed your diet is really low in carbs. You never eat pasta or rice
    or something like that? I’d find it impossible :'(

  22. Gabriela Pineiro said on 13-07-2014

    I you should try chopping up apples into little squares and putting them
    into ur tuna that’s what I do

  23. Melanie Murphy said on 13-07-2014

    I left some video responses, Blair…as I’ve been doing a lot of videos
    about food, health etc & I want to share my tips and recipes with other
    girls who wanna lose weight and get healthy! I lost 50lbs, girls, check out
    my new video about what I eat in a day! <3 x

  24. mohamed ashraf said on 13-07-2014

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    you can get a good free video by a successful licensed health practitioner
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  25. Nicole James said on 13-07-2014

    ha ha we have the same name! except your last name so cool

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