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Let's Play: Cook, Serve, Delicious [Part 17]--

Part 17 of Cook, Serve, Delicious!!! Don’t forget to check out Ashley B’s videos in our challenge play! Click here: Subscriber Theme: “…

Comments (10)

  1. MC Taveira said on 23-08-2014

    I can’t do things like this, my patience=none. It’s fun to watch u play. I
    love your videos sooo much! Keep it up!

  2. ToastedBagels said on 23-08-2014

    Absolutely loving your videos! :)

  3. MoonLightAssassin5 said on 23-08-2014

    I curse a lot too

  4. wendy wulleart said on 23-08-2014

    Another fantastic video as always, it doesn’t bother me if you swear, you
    still do an excellent job and that’s all that matters, take care sweets, xx

  5. Katie Cooper said on 23-08-2014

    Congrats on 20k!

  6. Becky Morris said on 23-08-2014

    I was trying not to swear on my channel but yeah I just can’t. I have a
    really hard time especially with the F word, haha.

  7. nighthawknina86 said on 23-08-2014

    i swear A LOT as well, ive got the mouth of a pirate

  8. Jade Carie said on 23-08-2014

    If you swear it doesn’t bother me. You don’t have to change how you speak
    for us. It would probably make you sound less intelligent, though.

  9. ChibiAmore said on 23-08-2014

    I accidentally skipped this one and went straight to part 18, so I didn’t
    hear that you had a 2 star restaurant! Yes, it IS stressful! I miss my no
    star restaurant. 😀 I look forward to seeing you rock it, and I grew up
    with a mother that would make sailors blush with her language, so you’re
    good with me either way. xD

  10. Sims3Symbiote said on 23-08-2014

    Part 17 of Cook, Serve, Delicious! Remember to go watch @Ashleybplays be
    awesome at it!

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