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Dr. Stuart Eisendrath, director of the UCSF Depression Center, explores mindfulness as a technique for maintaining mental health. Series: UCSF Mini Medical S…

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  1. Hildie Hofmann said on 20-08-2014

    I am a ‘good person’ so WHY everything goes sooooooooooooooo wrong? Pls no
    comments wanted i never come back to this stupid video ever again. My god
    DESCARTES LI …for the name of a psychiatrist ??? ROFL

  2. Jessy Joe said on 20-08-2014
  3. misspinkpunkykat said on 20-08-2014

    Is there a “mini veterniary school for the public” too, or at least videos
    of dicussions like this but related to animals and issues that would
    concern a future veternarian as opposed to humans and future doctors? 

  4. Tom Bendik said on 20-08-2014

    I wonder, is mindfulness compatible with multitasking?

  5. Kosmos Erdem said on 20-08-2014

    There is a great audio lecture which describes this type of technique and
    all the stages and it is called You Are Not Your Brain. 

  6. Leonard said on 20-08-2014

    Yeah, he looks just like him haha

  7. HOH said on 20-08-2014

    you would have to be making a harsh judgement in saying that so dito for
    you…actually I would consider myself to be a little more on the impatient
    side and lets get going, enough ego stroking already because it’s
    distracting and boring for me…I want to get to the meat and potatoes and
    I want to get there fast. Don’t tell me I should respect someone before
    I’ve even met them sort of a thing.

  8. AkathisiA101 said on 20-08-2014

    Diabetes and related complications like hyperglycemia, ketoacidosis,
    pancreatitis, coma, and death. These side effects can develop at any point
    during treatment, but we know whats best for you. Its our bussiness to sell
    drugs, that cause disability, and psychological suffering. There are no lab
    tests,MRIs, brain scans, X-rays or chemical imbalance tests that can verify
    any mental disorder is a physical condition.

  9. mikeyo1234 said on 20-08-2014

    Mindfulness can help with anxiety and depression. It’s main benefit though
    is the harmonious life that increases over time. It benefits others to
    practise mindfulness. Non-duality is the step beyond mindfulness… also
    worth a look. Authentic self is also key.

  10. Erica Rogers said on 20-08-2014

    Great speaker.

  11. Kevin said on 20-08-2014

    Use your mouse and click the line to the right moving white circle with the
    grey dot in the middle. This will help you skip forward in the video. This
    video is well worth watching. Good luck with impatience thing…I have ADHD
    and can understand not liking to wait while they go thru the BS parts. I
    worked for a major company and had to sit thru many boring presentations.

  12. spacedub1 said on 20-08-2014

    Awesome ,

  13. Kevin said on 20-08-2014

    This is the best overall Mindful presentation I have seen yet. Dr. Stuart
    Eisendrath is very personable and keeps it interesting. I am recommending
    this one to others who would benefit from watching it.

  14. Peter Brush said on 20-08-2014

    thanks for the shortcut

  15. joefenstenblow said on 20-08-2014

    Main speaker @4:22

  16. Judy FIELDS DAVIS said on 20-08-2014


  17. rgainsburg said on 20-08-2014

    Excellent solution. And how fortunate that you should happen to have a
    friend who is an expert in knotting.

  18. Peter Brush said on 20-08-2014

    very interesting…. check out vipassana meditation… same thing thru

  19. rgainsburg said on 20-08-2014


  20. rgainsburg said on 20-08-2014

    Try covering the unsightly scrag with a soft, neutral-coloured cloth. If
    you still find yourself fidgeting, ask a friend to suspend you by the
    thumbs from a horizontal beam for the meditation period. Your depression
    will lift in a matter of seconds.

  21. JuniperSprouts said on 20-08-2014

    To be honest, I do not think that my thumbs could or should support my
    entire body. I figured out another way to meditate without fidgeting with
    my genitals, after a lot of experimenting & fidgeting. I put topical
    procaine all over my groinal bits. I then zip up my entire package in a
    Crown Royal bag. A friend of mine is an expert in 17th century sailing
    knots. He renders the bag virtually impenetrable. It seems to work for now.
    Frankly, I do fidget with the lovely knots sometimes.

  22. Kevin said on 20-08-2014

    Your humble opinion is condescending and paranoid and wrong!

  23. vigilhammer said on 20-08-2014

    @colloredbrothers There may be ‘n’ number of lectures and talks to explain
    the relation between the music and the mind and also there may be a 100
    plus practical approaches to support it, but I feel that ultimately, it all
    comes down to Meditation – Calming down the mind is the main aspect of
    every technique. The music to achieve this remarkable state of mind, need
    to not necessarily be a musical instrument. Even the beat of the human
    heart is a sound that would calm the mind.

  24. TheKetsa said on 20-08-2014

    Funny how they rebrand buddhist meditation so they can sell it as
    therapies… viva capitalism.

  25. sustaincain said on 21-08-2014

    Thank you, fantastic, its all good!

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