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In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TED…
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  1. Remedios Guimba said on 27-08-2014

    Thats great !!!!

  2. musicvideosish said on 27-08-2014

    Happy skinny person who does not drink and enjoys living in a clean house.
    First time a ted talk did not excite me;(

  3. Integrated Performance Solutions said on 27-08-2014

    Talk about completely misunderstanding data….

    Did you ever stop to think that maybe the correlation between low BMI and
    suicide is that people who are suicidal start as people who are depressed
    and they stop eating?

  4. Travis Dumais said on 27-08-2014


  5. Remedios Guimba said on 27-08-2014

    Thats great !!!!

  6. Louise Rhodes said on 27-08-2014

    I chose to watch this talk because I am looking for positive motivation. I
    am naturally very skinny and hate it and it has always been very difficult
    for me to put on weight, it is sad how she makes fun of this by saying we
    are much more likely to commit suicide. I am a very anxious person, this
    just made me more. Thank you. TED you are going downhill…

  7. jessicahomely101 said on 27-08-2014

    Great now all the lazy peps have even more reason to be lazy and useless.
    More reason to be fat, more reason to be dirty and more reason to be
    alchoholics i joke i joke but seriously

  8. dupunka said on 27-08-2014

    oh, this is bad. I couldn’t thumbs-down for some reason, so I just felt I
    should publicly ‘dislike’ this video. Its vague and based on “studies” of

  9. Nick First said on 27-08-2014

    I am glad somebody brought that up!!! Even though I don’t totally agree…
    Self improvement is the way to go!! But sometimes you just need to get the
    easy way of enjoying yourself rather than feeling good for accomplising
    something great! You have to try to accomplish the ideal balance betwein
    those 2 ways of having fun…!!! Good luck with my advice!!!

  10. Карина Семененко said on 27-08-2014

    I should drink more!

  11. MrPooPooJohn said on 27-08-2014

    You are all missing the point. She never once said drink like a fish,
    eat/live like a pig. She’s just telling people who are over stressed and
    over thinking their lives find more happiness by just having a drink and
    relaxing more. There is an undertone of moderation and responsibility that
    many of you missed. You should go have a drink.

  12. Canibus Lecter said on 27-08-2014

    I had to stop watching this bs…

  13. weesh ful said on 27-08-2014

    My metabolism, for my 29 years has apparently been betraying me.
    I can’t gain a pound to save my life, and worse, my weight has fallen from
    my 11th grade peak of 137# to 120# (I’m a 5’7″ male).
    Or maybe this TED talk is full of bullshit. Either way, I wish I was

  14. Rose McCamey said on 27-08-2014

    Let’s give this woman a break please! She had new twins when this was
    filmed. Who else out there had the perfect home, perfect body, and was
    totally relaxed at that point in their life without having full-time help?
    It’s obvious that she is an intelligent woman, and she also has a great
    sense of humor. I have bigger things to worry about than keeping my house
    spotless – I have a great life to lead and so does she!

  15. Beth Lindsey said on 27-08-2014

    Beautiful, Laura. I think you hit the nail on the head. It really all
    boils down to obsessiveness not making you happy, and accepting yourself as
    you are (and your house as it is). :)

  16. Mumspiration said on 27-08-2014

    Some funny insights in how enjoying your life leads to happiness and health
    # mumspiration 

  17. gmshadowtraders said on 27-08-2014

    Now this is what I call entertainment.

  18. mangekyotsukuyomii said on 27-08-2014

    Although enjoying life is one of the keys to happiness, I disagree with
    drinking and gaining weight. This is based on the assumption that I enjoy
    drinking and gaining weight. I don’t, therefore this doesn’t apply to me.
    Another key to happiness is to be proud of your health and home
    environment. I agree that too much work or as I like to call it “overwork”
    is a bad thing. Too much of anything is bad.

  19. James Luscher said on 27-08-2014

    Enjoying life is officially good for you!
    (it is nice to hear this once in a while 😉

    [add that an environment that is ‘too clean’
    isn’t good for the immune system – makes
    one more susceptible to disease!]

  20. ytubeanon said on 28-08-2014

    Like someone below said, she gets the direction of causation wrong in every
    instance. Maybe the reason thinner people have higher suicide rates is
    because unhappy, depressed, suicidal people are more likely to suffer from
    loss of appetite and suppressed hunger. These statistics don’t seem to
    differentiate among fat people who are biologically incapable of losing
    much weight, for becoming significantly thin, no matter how little they eat
    from unhappiness. Rather than BMI, a more relevant study would perhaps
    observe calories consumed.

  21. maimouna704010204050 said on 28-08-2014

    All else is fine except the drinking.

  22. Daniel Russell said on 28-08-2014

    oh and dont repress things because its easier that way you know like
    kidding yourself that living an unhealthy lifestyle is a good idea….

  23. edi said on 28-08-2014

    Is this a parody? I doubt that eating more makes you happier. Caring less
    how you look like or what others are expecting of you does.
    PS: I don’t care how much I eat or if it is healthy, but I am still slim. I
    do like sport and I hate cleaning…

  24. Marina Dillon said on 28-08-2014

    No thank you, I’d still rather be fit, eat healthy and use any means of
    improving myself available. And I’d rather keep my house looking the way
    it could be featured in the Wallpaper magazine, Martha Stuart isn’t really
    my style. Agree, nothing wrong with having a glass of wine occasionally. 

  25. Daniel Russell said on 28-08-2014

    this is a joke.. rationalizing this sort of behavior is a big problem shes
    taking this completely to the other spectrum of things how about just
    taking responsibility to being a healthy happy person pursuing your hobbies
    eating great food (doesn’t have to be unhealthy you just have to not be
    lazy) living in a clean environment helps clear the brain to better
    understand how your feeling go have experiences don’t promote people to be
    fat lazy slobs who just sit on autopilot people need to take responsibility
    for the lives they want to lead and stop okaying bad behavior so many
    people are going to abuse this its the worst message she could’ve sent for
    the topic of this speech

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