Make Your Life Better!

From the dawn of time, mystics, shamans and saints have proclaimed that we as human beings have unlimited power at our fingertips but fail to perceive its ex…

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  1. Norman MacLeod said on 04-08-2014

    I recommend 

  2. Mayank Sharma said on 04-08-2014

    This IS QUANTUM THEORY/Spirituality! WE ALL CAN DO IT! Suppress fear,
    negativity and ego. 🙂

  3. FatToti said on 04-08-2014

    What a misguided assumption. The old “No, you” argument. Do you think being
    mature entails short phrases like “haha;-D”. I seriously hope you die and I
    mean that. From one human to another, please die.

  4. dopinUP said on 04-08-2014


  5. dbfan2scfan said on 04-08-2014

    Do you have the dimensions for the pyramid the couple was using at 25:00?

  6. BEUK070 said on 04-08-2014

    You do understand that you’re promoting the same “religious fluff” yourself
    now, you’re just presenting a different beliefsystem model… You are
    nothing more than moderntime cyber Jehova’s withnisses, all of you ignorant
    dumbasses who find “truth” in one of the thousands “truth” websites like
    this…I pity you for you are unaware of your own hypocrisy and stupidity.

  7. TONY BURK said on 04-08-2014

    what was that guy’s name ?talking believe it or not guy

  8. MortenBoHansen said on 04-08-2014

    and you call ME childish haha;-D Get a hold of yourself!

  9. danyalVIM said on 04-08-2014

    grow the eff up u retards nd weirdoz smhhh

  10. bradengels said on 04-08-2014

    @clayton1979 Sorry i didn’t understand the questions…they ‘re millions
    and billions of jinns and not one jinn .You can learn about the jinns on
    old books and religious book.Your eyes cant prove it to you without
    preparing yourself for such things ,because they ‘re invisible..but if you
    want to know more about them find the right websites on net ..this video
    just gave some information about their existence…but the most is hiding
    …they doesn’t prefer any ppl but some I’m not one of them

  11. batfly said on 04-08-2014

    I use the Force to play piano!

  12. trollingking said on 04-08-2014

    dopinUP Madness NO this Is Sparta

  13. Tainou Klinkenberg said on 04-08-2014

    thats some fucked up shit you got there on your kleenex

  14. TruthSeeker said on 04-08-2014

    33:45 LMAO lesbian orgy

  15. Maurice Pedro said on 04-08-2014

    Prana, Ki, Chi, The Force- it’s all the same thing.

  16. FatToti said on 04-08-2014

    Okay, I’ll prove it, go lie down on a single fucking nail, you childish,
    ignorant, scum of the earth inbred reason for mankind’s inevitable failure.

  17. danielspitfire said on 04-08-2014

    10:37… I bet he wasn’t counting on that bumper!

  18. lrwwolf said on 04-08-2014

    Excellent Upload as usual UFOTV… Thank You 🙂

  19. scott30428 said on 04-08-2014

    @bradengels you should stop taking drugs pal.

  20. StrictlyTactical said on 04-08-2014

    Sick Doc..

  21. Aurav Walden said on 04-08-2014

    I meant that one has to make one’s egoism subtle/ almost negligible in
    order to experience the life force. There could be a difference in how you
    and I use the term ‘Ego’, also. In my way of thinking, ego is not our
    selfhood, but a mental concept of who we are, that is, anything other than
    our pure consciousness, the ego being identifiable as ‘labels’ like name,
    gender, human being etc., basically those things that define us as separate
    from oneness with everything/ everyone else..

  22. hotbikerrc said on 04-08-2014

    Hey!! What a fuckin scam…the “doc” putting jell on the dudes head at
    16.16 is the same red headed kungfoo guy with mustache talking in
    begining!! Wtf? Cheap phony bastards!

  23. MortenBoHansen said on 04-08-2014

    with all due to respect, why are yours any better? Maybe the guy should
    just enable comments!

  24. StrictlyTactical said on 04-08-2014

    @goldie0800 A Truely Smart Person Would Investigate & Also Educate
    Themselves On The Subject Before They Go Running There Mouth About
    Something They Havent Looked Into You Know..

  25. Aurav Walden said on 04-08-2014

    @337BUS A person who only knows how to find possible faults in others
    hasn’t got much to speak for himself/ herself. Please stop having such a
    closed mind.

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