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Hey guys! Here are 10 natural home remedies to get rid of acne and pimples, they are all really simple and most of them can be made with things you will alre…

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  1. Melanie Murphy said on 16-09-2014

    I LOVE YOU! 🙂 Amazing video 🙂 <3 <3

  2. Jaica Mallari said on 16-09-2014

    How aboute moles

  3. Nicole&Carah said on 16-09-2014

    You should do how to get rid of cold sours of warts

  4. Sarah Freeman said on 16-09-2014

    Where can I get the aloe vera gel?:)

  5. jdan045 said on 16-09-2014

    I get really puffy eyes the following day if i have been crying. Its so
    embarrassing lol what’s a quick fix (home remedy) for reducing that before
    it all goes down? 

  6. foreverkillerbeauty said on 16-09-2014

    Any remedies for dark under arms?

  7. Molly J. Duck said on 16-09-2014

    There are just 3 solutions to get rid of acne: unclog pores, defeat
    bacteria, and lower oil… unluckily, lots of people don’t realize how to do

  8. Belle Gladu said on 16-09-2014

    Check out my latest video about kicking acne’s ass!! I hope it helps you
    out (: 

  9. Huynh Van said on 16-09-2014

    You are able to treat acne yourself by using natural technique, and you’ll
    start to see the result in only 7 days

  10. fatma alHindalVevo said on 16-09-2014

    Thank u this is really helpful <3

  11. Isabella Vallejos said on 16-09-2014

    Could you replace the nutmeg with Cinnamon and Make a Cinnamon and Garlic
    mix ?? 

  12. brianna sapp said on 16-09-2014

    Thank you for all the tips and I will be trying them

  13. Cassie said on 16-09-2014

    Love your vids ! 

  14. Zezooooooooooooooo said on 16-09-2014

    How long/often do you have to do this to see a change?

  15. Julia Fish said on 16-09-2014

    The toothpaste trick has never worked for me idk why. But can I use garlic
    and cinnamon because don’t have nutmeg? 

  16. JessiexBeauty said on 16-09-2014


  17. Isabela Dukevicz said on 16-09-2014

    You are so underrated and I think more people need to know you because you
    are the best channel on youtube! All of your tips and methods works so
    well! Thank you for ur videos

  18. Priscilla Portales said on 16-09-2014

    Do you recommend putting the aloe Vera before of after the moisturizer at
    night? Btw I have many aloe Vera plants at my garden love it 🙂 

  19. Alize B said on 16-09-2014

    i have really acne prone skin so i cant wait to try these and hope
    something works for me

  20. Sabrina Peralta said on 16-09-2014

    I love the honey cinnamon remedie.But instead of using it as a spot
    treatment i use it as a mask! So soothing

  21. Kathleen Joy said on 16-09-2014

    Does egg yolk face mask really works for teenagers like me? :)

  22. Jessie Fessie said on 16-09-2014

    I really like you your youtube is so helpfull <3

  23. winona pong said on 16-09-2014

    Really awesome video! i found it so useful and would love more ’10 home
    remedies’ videos for different things 🙂 you look gorgeous btw :D

  24. Penelope Fena said on 16-09-2014

    I LOVE all these tips, i have tried the toothpaste before and it worked
    really well and i have tried honey and that was good to0, so am looking
    forward to trying some of these others :D

  25. Medgee Mac said on 16-09-2014

    I love your videos 🙂 You are amaizing :3 :* <3

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