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Colitis - Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Treat colitis with natural home remedies using aloe vera or drumsticks. For complete information check this short video from ! Visit …

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  1. Sujal Sankhyan said on 13-09-2014

    Your remedies are quite effective but kindly give us some remedies for IBS
    (Irritable bowel syndrome) also.

  2. designfetish said on 13-09-2014

    This is complete bullshit. I have Ulcerative Colitis. First of all
    constipation, prolonged intake of antibiotics, food allergies, stress and
    side-effects of certain medicines are NOT the cause of Ulcerative Colitis.
    The medical community actually doesn’t know what causes UC, but they
    believe that it could be either the Immune System itself or Hereditary.
    Check out the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic or the CCFA, you know
    reliable scientific sources. I have NO food allergies, yet I have Colitis.
    I don’t take prolonged use of antibiotics, yet I have Colitis. Everyone has
    stress in their life, yet not everyone has Colitis. What proof do you have
    to back-up these claims?

    What you are promoting is nothing more than pseudoscience. There is no
    credible scientific research to back-up any of the claims you are making.
    For example, a document prepared by the U.S. National Center for
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine which is a branch of the National
    Institutes for Health states, “most clinical trials of Ayurvedic approaches
    have been small, had problems with research designs, lacked appropriate
    control groups, or had other issues that affected how meaningful the
    results were.” Or how about the researchers at the University of
    Pennsylvania School of Medicine who tested the effectiveness of guggul
    lipid—a mainstay of Ayurveda therapy—on lowering high cholesterol. They
    found that adults with high cholesterol showed no improvement. In fact, the
    levels of low-density lipoproteins increased slightly in some people in the
    group taking guggul.

    Sufferers of UC or those who think they may have it need to consult their
    GI doctors. Seriously. This is a joke.

  3. Garrus Vakarian said on 13-09-2014

    Does this also work for Colitis Ulcerosa? Been having it for years and Im
    not really fond of all the medicine or the side-effects they give me.

  4. LiliyIsSilly240 said on 13-09-2014

    I have Crohn’s disease

  5. Marshall Schools said on 14-09-2014

    drumsticks of what?

  6. Gareth Joseph said on 14-09-2014

    I looked it up…. “The drumstick is the seed pod of a tree called Moringa
    oleifera, which is native to the foothills of the Himalayas in Northwest
    India. It is called Sajna in Hindi, Saragwa in Gujarati, Shojne in Bengali,
    Munagakaya in Telugu, Shevaga in Marathi and Nuggekai in Kannada. It gives
    a flavour similar to asparagus to vegetable curries, dal and most famously
    sambhar, the ubiquitous South Indian lentil broth that we serve proudly
    with our masala dosa”

  7. maangeet gurti said on 14-09-2014

    Can you make a video about Crohn’s disease, it would be very appreciated.

  8. ~RandomizerForever~ said on 14-09-2014

    I have Ulcertive coltius and this might help me. I cant wait to try this.

  9. Mathew M said on 14-09-2014

    what kind of drum sticks?

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