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Hair Care - Oily Hair - Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

Get rid of oily hair with natural home remedies by using either eggs or henna powder. For complete information check this short video from http://www.homeved…
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  1. tarannum aamer said on 17-09-2014

    nice 🙂 wil try this

  2. tasmia binte karim said on 17-09-2014

    How often should I apply lemon juice in a week ???

  3. Pallavi Pujary said on 17-09-2014

    does hair get grey due to lemon juice

  4. Isha Arora said on 17-09-2014

    Hi, I don’t want to use egg..
    Pls suggest an alternative ..

  5. Mythreyi Sudevan said on 17-09-2014

    wont hair stink because of the egg yolk??

  6. HayndpnxyHayndpnxy Hayndpnxy said on 17-09-2014

    My hair was really falling out especially when ı washed it! ı’m so glad ı
    found arganrain products through google, ı’ve used it 7 times in the past 2
    weeks, and ı can really tell the difference! the price is little steep, but
    worth it , , , ,

  7. sophak oun said on 17-09-2014

    I found the tips are very useful to me since i also have a problem of
    greasy hair. My hair falls down everyday. But can you please tell me how
    often should i apply the first remedy to my hair? Your reply will be
    helpful and appreciated.

  8. ecoz incan said on 17-09-2014

    Would you please suggest some treatment for dry scalp. Thank you.

  9. TRUUSHAL MUNDHE said on 17-09-2014

    Can onion juice applied to hair keeping it for overnight will help with my
    hair fall ?

  10. ExcitingChives said on 17-09-2014

    Wow, she says “Mix well” a lot

  11. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 17-09-2014

    Malvika, unfortunately at the moment those are the only remedies we have!
    Will try and add more 🙂

  12. TRUUSHAL MUNDHE said on 17-09-2014

    Hi i have a very bad hair fall and oily hair and have stiky dandruff to
    which remedy will suite me? plz reply

  13. annari said on 17-09-2014

    i just found this video out and for the first remedy do i shampoo first or

  14. nazia Fathima said on 17-09-2014

    margosa leaves are neem leaves..found abundantly in India

  15. Malvika Shah said on 18-09-2014


  16. ishgarg90 said on 18-09-2014

    Cn u pls let me knw hw to grow heavr hair…. Pls

  17. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 18-09-2014

    Yes .. the idea is to remove any dust particles and apply it on clean hair.
    You may wash your hair again after 30-40 min. If you can, let it stay

  18. Caroline Starc said on 18-09-2014

    For the first method, can you wash your hair with shampoo after leaving it
    for 5 minutes?

  19. Amina Liaqat said on 18-09-2014

    and can we use lemon instead of lime for making conditioner? and what
    should be the quantity of water and lemon?

  20. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 18-09-2014

    Let it stay for 15-20 min.. then wash off..

  21. Preeti Krishnamohan said on 18-09-2014

    ppl say that honey wen applied on hair may turn it grey.. is it sure that
    honey wont make the hair grey?? pls reply

  22. meryem ikky said on 18-09-2014

    Hi pls i need ur help i have a oily hair very soft weak without volume plus
    all this i am losing it so pls will u advice me which remedies i should
    flow this one for oily hair or the other one for losing hair other thing
    what is margosa leaves as i look in Google but didn t understand what that
    means I am from Morocco and didn t find equivalent of this word in French
    or in Arabic thank u so much waiting for u reply

  23. Isha Arora said on 18-09-2014

    Hi..i like all your tips for health and our body.. I want to know that can
    I wash my hair daily because my hair are very oily so next day its looks
    very sticky?? thanks! waiting for your reply.

  24. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 18-09-2014

    Yes, it will. You may use one of the other remedies if thats a concern.
    Take care 🙂

  25. mljbnacosta said on 18-09-2014

    do you have any remedies for dandruff and preference of mild shampoo?

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