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  1. Sunhong Hwang said on 12-09-2014

    This is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks. 

  2. Marion Statton said on 12-09-2014


  3. Brendan Ducie said on 12-09-2014

    Who see’s similarities that can be applied to network marketing ?

  4. Walter O. Duncan IV said on 12-09-2014

    Articulating that which can be challenging to articulate.

  5. Amil Cook said on 12-09-2014

    Hip Hop Genius: Remixing High School Education

  6. wangyangzhou4 said on 12-09-2014

    so creative““I like it

  7. santirocknrolla said on 12-09-2014

    Please anybody to translate this into spanish? or at least subtitle! he
    talks too fast Thanks

  8. Marcos6010Vinicius said on 12-09-2014


  9. Yo Momma Smell Like Hot Dog Water said on 12-09-2014

    Fundamentally, use the students to innovate the schools… I tried this at
    my school years ago, was rejected for being “just a kid”. Ultimately the
    school was closed down less than a year later due to the lack of interests
    and declining enrollment.

  10. ytaccmsc said on 12-09-2014

    graphics are lagging

  11. jvasquez213 said on 12-09-2014

    Rock> Hip Hop

  12. rexineffect said on 12-09-2014

    Thank god for people like you are we could all be Adolf

  13. bethefriend said on 12-09-2014

    🙂 Thank you and yes, not only hip hop, the future is amalgamation of arts
    with science.

  14. |psi〉 said on 12-09-2014

    this should be a ted-talk…

  15. Wonder bread said on 12-09-2014

    its not “rigged” against blacks and lations. they just happen to make up
    most of the low income areas. i would have issues focusing and working hard
    if i was in the position too and i am white as snow haha

  16. Jackson Lane said on 12-09-2014

    Music as medication

  17. Lizzy C said on 12-09-2014


  18. samseidelvideos said on 12-09-2014

    there is now a version with Spanish subtitles! check out the video
    description above for the link

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