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Treat common cold with natural home remedies by using either ladyfinger or carrom seeds. For complete information check this short video from http://www.home…

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  1. Jessica Tamayo said on 21-09-2014

    Thank u very much..

  2. crazyteenagechik said on 21-09-2014

    Thank you i subbed

  3. Natural Remedies Info said on 21-09-2014

    Glad to know that “Okra” (lady finger) is included your home remedies. I
    hope it will work for most children suffering from stuffy nose.

  4. Jai Senju said on 21-09-2014

    Turmeric with Black Pepper in Milk! r u serious? Do u think kids wll drink
    it? My Kid runs away, I tried to tasted it, its Yak! I can consume poison
    rather than taking this one.

  5. Ally Roberts said on 21-09-2014

    Thank you

  6. Shaik Ahmed said on 21-09-2014

    Its really help full,
    please give me advice i have daughter 10 tears old she has eczema since 3
    years old still she is suffering now there is black pigmentation on her
    NECK ELBOW AND UNDER EYES pls help me ,

  7. Malikah William said on 21-09-2014

    Please Please Please do one on keratosis pilaris.
    It’s common enough that %50 of the world gets it. So, please…

  8. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 21-09-2014
  9. Rahil ak said on 21-09-2014

    Thanks for the Video! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your
    opinion. Have you heard about – Jericho Super Cold Sore Equalizer (do a
    search on google)? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my close
    friend Aubrey at very last kissed good bye to the annoying cold sore issue
    with it. 

  10. حنتوش حنتشة said on 21-09-2014

    حاجة روعة

  11. Elsir Masoud Baldo said on 21-09-2014

    Very helpful

  12. Wendell Hendricks said on 21-09-2014

    Common Cold

  13. kashif khan said on 21-09-2014

    u r very beautiful

  14. Chandrashekhar Chandvale said on 21-09-2014

    Very informative video and simple remedies.Keep it up 

  15. TheKellyScope said on 21-09-2014
  16. The J&A Show said on 21-09-2014

    I don’t even know where to get this stuff >:( 

  17. Caludia Ayala said on 21-09-2014

    Love your remedies!!

  18. Paigelouise7 said on 21-09-2014
  19. Chris. Curran. said on 21-09-2014

    To hell with the Remedies, you are a a complete and utter BABE. X 

  20. Vijay Purewal said on 21-09-2014

    i’m suffering with dry eczema last two years please help me its really

  21. Ellie Cain said on 21-09-2014

    I wish you would do more about your self

  22. praveen ranjit said on 21-09-2014


  23. Yvette Lloyd said on 21-09-2014

    Rawr. -Means useful.

  24. Will Notfillthisin said on 21-09-2014

    i like the new ways but, every time i watch a video i gatta run out and get
    something from the store x.x

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