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This is a video about the State of Global Health. Dr Greg Martin talks about a few of the major issues that need to be addressed. Global health (and public h…
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  1. Daniel Yeboah said on 15-09-2014

    i like it

  2. Greg Martin said on 15-09-2014

    In this video I outline some of the important issues in the global health
    space. This video is part of the “10 facts” series on my YouTube channel. 

  3. Linda Gold said on 15-09-2014
  4. Global Health with Greg Martin said on 15-09-2014

    Thanks for the comment Fiona! Yes, I agree… I’m actually keen to do a
    whole series on mental health.

  5. Global Health with Greg Martin said on 15-09-2014

    Thanks for your comment centuriocentu – much appreciated. I’ll certainly
    look into the link between Chagas disease and CVD.

  6. Bling Blinger said on 15-09-2014

    Interesting global health facts

  7. Fiona Scorgie said on 15-09-2014

    Nice presentation, Dr Martin. Glad to see you included mental health
    issues…often overlooked.

  8. Global Health with Greg Martin said on 15-09-2014

    Glad you liked it. Of course this is just scratching the surface. When it
    comes to global health facts we could go on and on all day. I’m actually
    wanting to do an episode on global health trends (watch this space).

  9. Global Health with Greg Martin said on 15-09-2014

    Yes, please do send the link to the publications on Cimex. I’d be

  10. centurioncentu said on 15-09-2014

    Many deaths from cardiovascular disease, may be due to Chagas disease,
    undiagnosed timely. My father, born and living in endemic
    country-Argentina-, was TREATY mistaken for congenital heart disease, to
    his 76 years, when a cardiologist suggested that his illness might be for
    Chagas disease, a fact which could be corroborated with two positive
    serology Chagas.. Only in the United States, an estimated 300 000 people
    infected with Chagas, weak public policies for a proper epidemiological

  11. centurioncentu said on 15-09-2014

    Dr. Greg, did you know, it was proven that Cimex lectularius, in laboratory
    conditions, t-cruzi transmitted?. In the United States, such as Mexico and
    Spain, have serious problems pest control Cimex lectularius … THANK x
    their contribution. I would appreciate your opinion on the above. If you
    are interested I can point out the titles of publications on cimex, above.
    Best regards,

  12. Greg Martin said on 15-09-2014

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