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Top 10 Dental Health Tips: Oral Hygiene

Nothing beats a healthy smile! Join as we give you ten simple tips to improve your dental health.
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  1. David christopher said on 18-09-2014

    Yeah I don’t have a very smooth toothbrush…. I brush so damn hard and
    fast my gums are bleeding after

  2. Orthodontist Greensboro said on 18-09-2014

    Great points to improve our oral health. The video clearly pointed out
    useful tips that we need to know to keep a healthy mouth.

  3. Orthodontist Anchorage said on 18-09-2014

    I don’t use an electric toothbrush after I watched this video. I realized I
    need to buy one.. thanks for sharing

  4. Peter Kelly said on 18-09-2014

    She is NOT flossing correctly. She used the same part all the time and just
    spread the germs around her mouth. It i better to change the part you use
    between each teeth.

  5. Louis K. Cheung, DDS said on 18-09-2014

    Channel yourself in doing this for 21 days and voila! You’ll have developed
    new healthy dental habits! 

  6. Dr. Thomas DeFinnis said on 18-09-2014

    These are really good tips, especially tip number 1! 🙂 This video deserves
    to be shared.

  7. Dr Jonathan Yahav said on 18-09-2014

    Oral hygiene tips.

  8. Susan Toner said on 19-09-2014

    I love her voice

  9. Michael Myers said on 19-09-2014

    I love her voice,I can listen to her all day.Thanks for the advice.The idea
    to use a straw if u drink coffee she is @wesome.

  10. Pamela Porter said on 19-09-2014
  11. Nancy Cantu said on 19-09-2014

    Simple tips you can use everyday.

  12. PaducahDentalCare said on 19-09-2014

    Very informative, thanks for sharing. Schedule regular dental checkups.
    The American Dental Association recommends that people of all ages visit
    their hygienist at least twice a year.

  13. Chatwood Dental said on 19-09-2014

    Simple and helpful information on oral hygiene. This video helps in
    fighting cavities and tips on how to clean the mouth and keep it healthy.
    Great work.

  14. Joylyn Smith said on 19-09-2014

    I drink sugary drinks in.moderation. But sodas are a no-no. The acidity of
    sodas are high.

  15. Metro Dental Associates said on 19-09-2014

    Simple tips you can use every day to fight cavities and maintain good oral

  16. Joylyn Smith said on 19-09-2014

    I avoid gum in general and candy but thats personally my preference (:

  17. George D Chen, DDS-Esthetic Reflections in Dentistry said on 19-09-2014

    Great information to share with your family!

  18. matchlessgear said on 19-09-2014

    Great Starts

  19. satish sajjan said on 19-09-2014
  20. Jacksiri Ramirez said on 19-09-2014

    I like how you keep your teeth clean

  21. Chiara Brincat said on 19-09-2014

    Some tips here are incorrect.
    To brush teeth, one should brush in small circualr motions, not as shown in
    the video. As for foods, cheese and yoghurt are indeed good for our teeth
    but only if the cheese is a dry kind of cheese and the yoghurt is
    unsweetened (that is plain, sugar free yoghurt).
    Tea is definitely not good for our teeth. It is acidic and even if
    unsweetened, may cause damage to the enamel layer on our teeth. On the
    other hand, bread and potato are not bad for our teeth. These are made of
    non-fermentable sugars which will not cause damage, however this varies
    according to the different types of brands of foods.
    Whiteneing toothpastes work by removing a surface layer of enamel, thus
    making teeth weaker. Oranges and strawberries are also acidic and should be
    taken in moderation as part of a healthy diet, not as means for whitening

  22. Kathy Valdez said on 19-09-2014

    This is so helpful.

  23. Orthodontist Arlington said on 19-09-2014

    We need to give time for our oral health, If we want to be completely
    healthy. Thanks!

  24. Just Simply Health said on 19-09-2014

    This is good! One of our daily problems is our oral hygiene. Thank you so
    much for the tips. It’s really a good help.

  25. Ced said on 19-09-2014

    Smoking wasnt mentioned. 

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