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Treat tuberculosis with natural home remedies using either Indian gooseberry or walnuts. For complete information check this short video from http://www.home…
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  1. tad casper said on 24-09-2014

    I had/have tb. you got to go to the public heath building get a blood
    test. the skin test is not that good it fails a lot of the time. then thy
    have you do some test to see if you are going to pass it to others . then
    thy put you on a 9 month pill treatment . I seem ok now 2 years later .
    but if you think you might have tb go to the public heath building.

  2. pedro016541 said on 24-09-2014

    can you give me your email please i have some questions on tuberculosis i
    need to know,

  3. Ruby Edwards said on 24-09-2014

    alternate through these remedies. Your response will be highly appreciated.
    Hank you in anticipation.

  4. Oblivion I said on 24-09-2014

    What should I do if I can hardly breathe every second of everyday? I don’t
    want to kill myself! I want to find help, but the doctors are not
    diagnosing me properly! So I have been taking it for many years now. Please
    help me!

  5. IshwarDas said on 24-09-2014

    she added a lot of salt. she said one teaspoon but she put a lot more like
    3 teaspoon. this is repeated in other videos as well. great videos but i
    just want to mention this incase the amount of salt is too much.

  6. zoobihan said on 24-09-2014

    I think if you have tb, you need to go to a hospital immediately. But yeah,
    this is great to do in the meantime and when you r recovering.

  7. Parthena Athanasiades said on 24-09-2014

    They thought I had this from a chest x ray when I had Graves disease. I
    redid it and it was fine!

  8. Maryam Youyou said on 24-09-2014

    Can i ask why there must be so much salt in these remedies? Because i
    always thought that salt is really bad and that it can cause too thick
    blood. Many sources like Dr. Oz for example said that he maximum amount is
    1 teaspoon daily. So why do you recommend drinking one tablespoon of salt

  9. Homeveda - Home Remedies for You! said on 24-09-2014

    Salt does help with TB. You may want to reduce the quantity to 1 tsp.
    Excess salt is not good for health

  10. sukeerthi chinthakindhi said on 24-09-2014

    I am 13 yrs girl i have tb but now it is not

  11. pete garssia said on 24-09-2014

    I always thought that isoniazid, rifampin , ethambutol, and pyrazinamid
    were the only cure. I never heard you say this in this video. You always
    start with these four antibiotics at the same time until you get cultures
    and sensitivities then you can stop pza etb and continue inh/ rif for
    another 7 months. The bare minimum length of treatment is 6 months the
    usual is 9 months directly observed. Meaning someone watches you take every
    dose. Only way to prevent TB from becoming resistant.

  12. Ruby Edwards said on 24-09-2014

    Thank you for the info. Approximately how long do these home remedies take
    to cure tb & does one have to use all or some or a

  13. Heather Barr said on 24-09-2014

    WHat is the death rate of TB in India?

  14. Captdrnokku Drnokku said on 24-09-2014
  15. Jonathon Churchill said on 24-09-2014

    This is utterly ridiculous
    Whilst improving your diet may help you need antibiotics.
    This video should be banned 

  16. Ash Mehta said on 24-09-2014

    As anyone tried any of the remedies on this video? If so, How long did you
    this and how effective was it?

  17. kabita shrestha said on 24-09-2014

    My family laughed when I told them I would burn fat with Fat Blast Factor,
    but then they saw the results. Google Fat Blast Factor to see their
    reaction. (It was epic!)

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