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Warning: Don’t listen while driving or operating heavy machinery. Use headphones for best results. Use of Binaural Beats for Very Deep Meditation, Relaxation…

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  1. Mandar Kurlekar said on 18-10-2014

    how I can download this beautiful music?

  2. Fuyu Kobayashi said on 18-10-2014

    Gorgeous song! Makes me feel so relaxed and great. Thank you for sharing
    with us. 🙂 

  3. snickers motarola said on 18-10-2014

    I love this relxation.

  4. Theodora Stefanidou said on 18-10-2014
  5. Bella Kopel said on 18-10-2014

    No comment

  6. Marcelo Rodrigues said on 18-10-2014

    relaxar para ter paz ..sempre .!

  7. Dominika Ewa Sorek said on 18-10-2014
  8. Byron Van Fleet said on 18-10-2014

    Hello everyone! Excellent morning meditation music. There is a beautiful
    morning sunrise here in central Texas. This beautiful music allowed for a
    smooth flow of cosmic energy into my life as well as a beautiful flow of
    the spirit of GOD. I feel energized and ready for the day. Peace to you

  9. Awarded_Degree_UTD _2008 said on 18-10-2014

    Remember to be Grateful 

  10. Sue Bock said on 18-10-2014

    I plan to share this deeply meditative music with others in my upcoming
    blog post. I’m sure it will help those who are in deep need of self-care.
    Please contact me if you object. 

  11. Rekha Makwana said on 18-10-2014


  12. rlucas343 said on 18-10-2014

    Went to sleep in no time – VERY relaxing – can’t wait to use this in yoga

  13. DharshiniShankar said on 18-10-2014

    It really help me to sleep well…Thank you…

  14. YellowBrickCinema said on 18-10-2014

    Your Daily Meditation – Enjoy this Revitalising Relaxation Song to Lift
    your Spirit. Please enjoy ;)

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