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Tweet this video! – When it comes to our health, it always helps to be in the know. With so many “facts”, it’s hard to distingu…
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  1. shivator said on 16-10-2014

    5 second rule is true!

  2. Chiriac Puiu said on 16-10-2014

    The 5 seconds rule is real!!! ^_^

  3. George Williams said on 16-10-2014

    Show me one reasonable person claiming that there are no such thing as
    poisonous herbs.

    Kava ROOT is 100% harmless. The non-root parts of the plant can cause
    liver damage which is why Kava is exactly as harmful as a potato, sharing
    the exact same warning not to eat any part of the plant except the root
    (the potato is the root) every other part of a potato is poisonous.

    “It is best to consult a doctor before using herbal supplements” so he can
    sublimate your health concerns into profit for big pharma, for which he is
    richly compensated and now you’re addicted to poison pills. yay!

    Who claims that microwaves create dangerous chemicals in food? Show me one

    “There’s nothing in carbohydrates that makes us gain weight.” And what
    does your body convert carbohydrates into??? This is like saying food
    doesn’t cause weight gain. Where is your body getting all that fat to pack
    onto your ass? Must be in the water.

  4. johannes the stalking biscuit said on 16-10-2014

    actually, cold does affect viral infection rates because of a few reasons:
    1. it makes the membrane harder which makes it harder to destroy
    2. cold makes your veins tighter so it takes a longer time for white blood
    cells get there.
    3. and then as you said, people are more inside.

  5. Silver F. E. Fengo said on 16-10-2014

    My mom really should stop trying to scare me when I have hiccups. All it’s
    doing is bringing me close to a heart attack. (I don’t like getting
    scared.) **Later** Oh? Cracking your knuckles doesn’t give you that? Well
    it does hurt so there is a reason not to do it.

  6. The Legendary Pootis said on 16-10-2014

    I remember one time during school I got a fever at it was so bad I took one
    small bite of food and I felt like My stomach was about to explode…
    But I was fine the next day.

  7. billybassman21 said on 16-10-2014

    I tan about 13 minutes once a week. If I don’t I would be white as a sheep
    not to mention I would have an increase of acne. While excessive tanning is
    bad, it can be beneficial in moderation. UV exposure produces vitamin D
    which can prevent cancer, osteoporosis and other medical conditions. If you
    look at a cancer rate map you will see that cancer rates tend to be higher
    in the northern parts of the world. One theory is the lack of sunlight
    leads to vitamin D deficiencies which lead to higher cases of cancer. 

  8. ForeverRepublic said on 16-10-2014

    Fat is good for you, it’s brain food. If you don’t want to gain weight
    don’t eat absolute crap, eat less meat, more vegetables and try to do some
    more walking. Drinking diet coke and lifting weights until you pass out
    won’t do a thing.

  9. guibox3 said on 16-10-2014

    Have to disagree with number two. If I consume 1000 calories of sugar, it
    is going to affect my weight much more than 1000 calories of protein.
    Simple carbs like white flour and sugar DO make us gain weight due to their
    affect on insulin spikes and quick fat storage much more than calories from
    protein or fats. Complex carbs are necessary for proper fuel and help for
    weight loss goals.

  10. EpicGaming11 said on 16-10-2014

    Please view mu channel

  11. Matt Diacritic said on 16-10-2014

    Eating a large amount of calories before sleeping will make you fatter than
    if you ate them at the beginning of the day and burned them off throughout
    the day. Are you serious about that one?

  12. Vaxtin said on 16-10-2014

    Most of these are because of dumb parents who tell their dumb kids these
    dumb myths to stop them from doing dumb things. The dumb kids have kids and
    tell them the same thing.

  13. RedThebigOne said on 16-10-2014

    Why is masturbation not here? Not only is it good for reducing stress, it
    works both ways, enjoyable for you and your partner as foreplay? Also one
    of my hands could be used for “Hand modelling” due to moisturisers,
    cleanliness and exercise. Oh I am “Master of your domain” , in moderation
    young ones! :)

  14. perkalov said on 16-10-2014

    Fasting in it self does not remove toxins… But, not eating food that
    contains toxins over a period of time give the body time to cleans it self
    from toxins.

    A lot of food (most) that we consume, contains various kinds of chemicals,
    this is the point of fasting away toxins. We dont need to fast, we can
    chose to only eat stuff that contains no chemicals.

  15. habadashery2009 said on 16-10-2014

    Number 19 is insanely ignorant and stupid. Eggs do increase cholesterol and
    do cause heart disease. Our body doesn’t have a mechanism in which it
    balances dietary cholesterol, and only fraud doctors such as Dr. Sinatra
    have made this claim without any scientific evidence to back this up. Eggs
    along with any other animal protein source also cause oxidative stress and
    inflammation which further contributes to heart disease. 

  16. demonpride1975 said on 16-10-2014

    the whole eating at night thing doesn’t pertain to the calories eaten. it
    pertains to the fact that if you do nothing but sit and sleep after eating
    your digestion is slower.

  17. purplehatcult said on 16-10-2014

    warm milk would make you sleepy because you’d associate it with having a
    warm bottle or breast milk at bed time as a baby.

  18. wjestick said on 16-10-2014

    The comment on microwaves is wrong. It is not true that all microwave
    energy is converted to heat.

    1. Patients have died after the chilled blood for their transfusion was
    heated in a microwave to warm it before implantation.

    2. Numerous studies exist showing the microwaves cause DNA strand breaks.

  19. darry3 said on 16-10-2014

    Cool, interesting web series.. But please get a professional-or at least
    semi-professional- to voice these! You’re ruining the whole thing with
    that clumsy, congested, freshman year oral report voice!

  20. J.R. Caldoon said on 16-10-2014

    I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but when I get hiccoughs
    (for me, always in starting to consume something with strong chilli,
    capsaicin content),
    drinking a nice 4-or-5-swallow draught of plain cool water helps immensely,
    and then I can go on to enjoy my tongue-and-palate searing delight.

  21. TheCynysterMind said on 16-10-2014

    Sugar doesn’t cause hyperactivity. all the Artificial Flavor, Color &
    Preservatives in our food causes it.

  22. draconiusultamius said on 16-10-2014

    I don’t want tans, but I have to with both cuz psoriasis 

  23. Rachel Nguyen said on 16-10-2014

    fast forward to 3:10. lol. I’ve been lied to

  24. punchjudy said on 16-10-2014

    Your dismissal of Kava is part of the actual myth. The root part used in
    beverages is not toxic. 

  25. joshjhutton said on 16-10-2014

    Alcohol doesn’t kill Dane bells.

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