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New international league tables on education are expected to make disappointing reading for many British parents. The tables, which focus on the teaching of …
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  1. VeroniqueParks said on 26-10-2014

    What hits me hard is that they sleep on average for 4 hours.
    How do you even keep your eyes open? 

  2. 남이승준 said on 26-10-2014

    Help me I don’t want to live in korea it’s sucks
    I want to go USA 🙁

  3. Warren Lauzon said on 26-10-2014

    They get the best test scores in many cases, yet I have found South Koreans
    to be totally out of touch is some areas, like how things are in North
    Korea. They do what a lot of Asian countries do – they “teach to the test”,
    not for the knowledge. English courses are pretty much required, in some
    cases years of it – but finding an average Korean that can actually speak
    it can be a challenge.

  4. ㅁㄴㅇㄹ said on 26-10-2014

    Guys! Know what? even elementary grade students do that sh*t ! Korea’s
    education is seriously overheated

  5. P Flora said on 26-10-2014

    People, it’s not good as it seems. The best? I believe it’s the worst in
    the whole world. Do you think it helps you get better grade in school
    because we study our arse off until 10pm after dismissed at school? One of
    my friends go hakwon and stuff till 4am. And she’s in 10th grade. How the
    hack we can enjoy our life like this? I got bi polar since my mum pushes me
    in like loads of hakwons and still do, I’m like worn out a bit and feel
    like nothing’s gonna happen but study all day long. This is the true side
    of Korean eduaction and you need to stop admiring whose one’s better or

  6. Matej Joštiak said on 26-10-2014

    I believe the Finland have a good education system, and good high ranked
    students ^^

  7. rudolf Setina said on 26-10-2014

    How about English education in Philippines? Korea best in math but
    philippines best in

  8. Amy Lee said on 26-10-2014

    okay, i got to see this now buy i just wanted to talk about how it really
    is to be a korean student. Here is the brief time table. 6:00 I get up
    (don’t even have time for breakfast) school starts at 8am and ends at 8pm.
    After that I run home pack my things and make my way to private school and
    study ’til 12pm. It’s illegal to study in private schools over 10pm but
    they somehow make it work. When private schools done i run back home
    (again) sit down and start doing my homework (both school and private
    school). When im done its usually 3am and thats when i am allowed to rest.
    As you can see there is no time to rest. We are like machines that study’s
    none-stop. We all want to relax at some point but the world doesnt let us.
    Because teachers praise the students that has a good grade i mean they
    actually ‘praise’ them. If they are rude but is a great student, teachers
    would still love them. But for students that doesnt achieve a high grade,
    they are simply considered as a failure of society. They are not even
    looked at. Also there is a rank in subject. #1 math, #2 English, #3
    science, #4 social studies, #5 Korean and the rest like art, music etc are
    considered as crap. If you are good at singing but not at math, you are
    considered social trash. But the students doesnt actually know that they
    are really good at and what they want to be bc they have all been doing the
    same studies. This is what korea really looks like.

  9. Not Your Ghoulfriend said on 26-10-2014

    They need a few times to relax, poor kids. But it’s great that they place
    importance on education. Our education system here in the U.S. is dropping
    =( We have too much relaxation here! We need Korea’s studying habits and
    they could use some of our easygoing attitudes.

  10. Marcos S. Ferreira said on 26-10-2014

    Finland’s education is quite better! 

  11. Erica Cho said on 26-10-2014

    umm….I’m Korean but NOPE! (unless you go to an internatonal school here,
    the international/foreign schools here are great.) I basically taught
    myself English with a lot of difficulties. Schools here, only teach us how
    to solve questions instead of teaching us how to communicate in English. So
    yeah, it’s not. Also, from my experience, if you just study here for five
    years, you’ll be treated a “genius” in almost every school in the world.
    (Sorry, the stories are so mixed right?)

  12. ali ard ard said on 26-10-2014

    South korean are the most dirty sub human in the world, spatially in
    sports,,,,,with the Monkey face

  13. TheZezima4 said on 26-10-2014

    I wish I had this education in my school the education here sucks. teachers
    cant even teach

  14. Ayesha Irfan said on 26-10-2014

    Good to know students there are focused on studying and proper school
    (though the pressure is insane) instead of sex, useless concerns about
    relationships at a young age and other unbelievable stuff I see happen in
    the West. Most of the kids I know in the West don’t even study much and are
    all “I hate school” “School sucks”. Those who do study get bullied and
    called a nerd. o_O

  15. 김응철 said on 26-10-2014

    nah im korean and education here SUCKS. believe me you’ll want to kill

  16. P Flora said on 26-10-2014

    What a bullshit. The best? The worst, people.

  17. Joy Lee Gebhard said on 27-10-2014

    If you are behind you will have to work extra hours, worker harder to catch
    up with others. I heard there was time some student awoke at 3:00 a.m. to
    go to the only library in Pusan to stand on line and the library opened at
    8:00 a.m. And often when the student leaves, his or her friend came to
    take her place. Lack of place to study and lack of books during the Korean
    War gave student hardship. The parent and the grand-parent of todays
    generation of Korean youth may have influenced the Korean zeal on
    education. Most likely, its the Korean education maybe the source of
    Korean economic miracle. 

  18. 나미연 said on 27-10-2014

    fuck…i want to go to the finland or austrailia or new zeland

  19. 김지선 said on 27-10-2014

    yeahh Im also Middle school student in Korea, and i always go to English
    academy after school (5pm~10pm) and on sunday, It starts at 10am and ends
    at 8pm ! that makes me exhausted. I think Korean students don’t have much
    free time :(

  20. P Flora said on 27-10-2014

    Um excuse me, yelling? well as for the history, japan has done something
    really bad and some of people define themselves that they’ve already solved
    the problem by just saying sorry or giving us money to just cover it up and
    never actually have met the victim in person. A few months ago I heard some
    stupid ignorant japanese scumbag said to people who’ve suffered from japan
    sexual slave stuff while ww2 that they should stop talking shit and be
    greatful for being paid for. How could I not be mad at this? say sorry and
    just say be greatful since we already have paid for it? What a bullshit
    you’re trying to say. you’re so pathetic that I can’t even imagine. RIP
    those korean who’ve suffered from japan sexual slavery system way back to

  21. Huffle Kekos said on 27-10-2014

    noup. Finland is ^^ <3

  22. Ventus L said on 27-10-2014

    Thats just sick

  23. in the mirror man said on 27-10-2014

    How come South Korean can’t not do but claiming to Japan to get money by
    yelling false history? That is already sloved. Oh, and,best education
    means, to cheat someone to get money even from other countries? How come
    you guys still depending on Japan?? I believe South korean education is the
    worst in the world. If you feel my opinion is wrong, resarch that country
    more in detail. Then, you will assert my opinion is at least, not wrong.

  24. mejiger said on 27-10-2014

    Yes they are hardworking people…they don’t go across continents to kill
    indigenous people for natural resources; like the naturally evil British
    did for hundreds of years

  25. 윤주형 said on 27-10-2014

    South Korean high school students study for over 12 hours everyday in

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