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In which John discusses some of the many ways that our current massively inefficient health care system leads to the irrational allocation of capital. He dis…
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  1. Ex0dus111 said on 19-10-2014

    “The thing about Capitalism is that thanks to innovation and competition
    the overall size of the Pizza increases.”
    Absolute horseshit. The Pizza increases no matter what economic system you
    live under, its an effect, not of innovation (certainly not of competition
    that’s ridiculous), but of new markets being born thanks to new inventions.
    Old markets will always stagnate, end competition and ruin things for the
    consumer if they are allowed to. New markets create growth and as long as
    people are inventing new things we get new markets, but this system would
    benefit the most from, exactly the point he made at the end, entrepreneurs
    not laborers.

    Entrepreneurs tend to fail a lot, so they need help there, and labor needs
    to have the ability to move from sunset markets to sunshine markets. That
    means unemployment benefits and retraining/reeducation programs.

    And that… requires a regulation of the market. 

  2. vlogbrothers said on 19-10-2014

    New +vlogbrothers video in which +John Green discusses some of the many
    ways that our current massively inefficient health care system leads to the
    irrational allocation of capital. John talks about the fascinating cases of
    +Henry Reich (creator of and +Hank
    Green (creator of, you know, all this) and how in a world without health
    care reform, their careers might look very different. John argues that
    employer-dependent health insurance privileges employees over
    entrepreneurs, thus limiting innovation, growth, and job creation.

    Check out Henry’s videos: and

    This is part two of a three or possibly four-part series about health care
    reform and the Affordable Care Act. Part one can be found here:
    Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

    Bigger Pizzas: A Capitalist Case for Health Care Reform

  3. thejakesh said on 19-10-2014

    What a load of bullshit. Capitalism has decimated and ruined the lives more
    people than any other system in human history.

  4. Mr Pregnant - Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st said on 19-10-2014

    There is a distinction between collaborative private enterprise and the
    price-fixing of essential goods ike petroleum, which the American oil
    companies do with gasoline, and which constitutes them as a cartel. I agree
    that the Silicone Valley giants including Walmart could afford to pay
    higher wages and offer more benefits to their employees and still make a
    decent profit, but their election not to as you have pointed out is part of
    the nature of the free market beast. Capitalism is not a perfect economic
    system nor is it always fair, especially when there is corrupt collusion
    between private enterprise and government, which is known as “crony
    capitalism.” But it is nevertheless a better alternative than coercive
    Written By: Atelston Fitzgerald Holder 1st

  5. Uncle Le Baci said on 19-10-2014

    weird haircut

  6. Marcos Mora said on 19-10-2014

    Plot twist! eliminate any form of subsidized medicine at all public
    administration levels, then there is no more “insurance magnets” and people
    will do its pizza.

  7. Books said on 19-10-2014

    In Bastiats “That which is seen and that which is not seen” he tells us
    that we must look at all the consequences of decisions and not only the
    ones that are clearly visible.

    Through this affordable care act some one was able to lower their
    healthcare costs and instead spend their time and capital on developing a
    business, this sounds great and all, but some one had to pay for it, and it
    has costs that are not obvious. I’m not familiar with how the ACA works but
    to cover your high healthcare risks/costs either the insurance companies
    have to charge everyone else more money or the government has to forcibly
    take money from some one else to pay for you. What we have done is take
    money from other potential entrepeneurs who now might be unable to innovate
    and start businesses of their own. Just because this Hank person was able
    to grow the pizza doesn’t mean the resources couldn’t have been used more
    (or maybe less, who knows) efficiently in other people’s hands.

  8. WinterTalks said on 19-10-2014

    I dont understand the saying “The greatest country on Earth.” How can you
    the US be the greatest country on Earth and yet allow people to die in the
    halls of their hospitals simply because they can’t afford health care…I
    can’t get my head around the “worlds biggest power” allowing that to
    happen. The way I see the states is, they are the “cool kids” at school.
    Within there own little bubble they think they all cool and the most
    amazing thing to grace the Earth, where as everyone outside that bubble
    just seems them as arrogant and ignorant. And yes I know that the States
    has products used all around the world, but have you every heard of the
    term “Getting used.” The world uses the US’s for its body- for a lack of
    something better to say. I don’t want to start a comment war, but thats
    just my thoughts, DFTBA ps: Pizza….yum

  9. ULTIMAROB said on 19-10-2014

    Socialism does however give people a nicer larger slice of the pizza where
    as in capitalism some one also has a very very large slice of pizza where
    as some one would have 0.0000000000001% of the pizza.

  10. Olivia Smith said on 19-10-2014

    Speaking of Henry, John, why did you name your child that?

  11. SevenRiderAirForce said on 19-10-2014

    An anecdote? Really?

    If you think Obamacare is a good deal for the people instead of insurance
    companies, you’re pretty damn naive.

  12. vegaskidd said on 19-10-2014

    what about making health insurance on the market place so affordable that
    it wouldn’t have to be subsidize, the US doesn’t run on subsidize housing,
    subsidize food, etc….

  13. Jordan Roth said on 19-10-2014

    I’m glad you pointed out that healthcare reform allowed patients with
    pre-existing conditions to get affordable insurance. My biggest issue with
    the US reform care act is that it isn’t really any more affordable for
    families as it is for individuals. to put this into perspective my family
    brings in about 50,000 a year. between me, my wife and my 6 month old there
    are 3 of us. now at work, my employer charges roughly $90 a month for me to
    insure myself which I think looking at how much my family makes is
    affordable, however to insure my family of 3 it would cost roughly 600 a
    month. So to me the big issue with the affordable care act is it doesn’t
    really help me. In fact a huge change in healthcare was that yearly
    maximums increased so although it was more affordable for healthy people
    those who are not as healthy can easily get stuck paying 10000 a year (that
    includes the out of pocket max & premiums). My big question is at the end
    of the day, is that really affordable and does it drive a truly competitive
    healthcare system?

  14. Lewis Wright said on 19-10-2014

    I had an Art Assignment ad before this video :D

  15. FlutterBOSS said on 19-10-2014

    The GOP has criticized ObamaCare for all its failures, but have they
    offered a solution instead? The Government shouldn’t run healthcare, but
    there does need to be some reform. 

  16. lolimawinner said on 19-10-2014

    This is not a capitalist case. This is a semi-socialist case. The job of
    government is to protect life, liberty, and property (Under John Locke’s
    The Three Treatises, Morals of Government: the document the Declaration of
    Independence was founded on), not life, liberty, property, and some parts
    of the economy.

  17. Eileen Mehrabian said on 19-10-2014

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    reform, and I entered this scholarship contest to fund my education… and
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  18. snowissj said on 19-10-2014

    Nice argument. :)

  19. Wilson Gulick said on 19-10-2014

    My major problem here is that government mandated/subsidized insurance does
    absolutely nothing to get to the root of the problem which is cost.

    Rather than reducing overhead cost and thereby increasing access, the ACA
    just changes who pays the bill.

    A good chunk of that overhead cost is pointless government regulations in
    the first place. The ACA is typical of government; do something stupid and
    create a problem that costs a ton of money, create a solution that costs
    more money and creates more problems which then cost even more money to fix
    and spawn problems of their own. 

  20. Rani Hinnawi said on 19-10-2014

    Health care reform is common sense no matter what ideology you prefer.

  21. Amanda Larsson said on 19-10-2014

    Soo John’s a capitalist?

  22. Landsponge99 said on 19-10-2014

    This isn’t really a “capitalist case”, but it’s a respectable case. I’m all
    for healthcare reform, but I think it needs to be more involved with the
    costs of care itself than the insurance. I also don’t think the government
    is really capable of doing anything helpful to fix the problem.

  23. Jake Patterson said on 19-10-2014

    My problem with government subsidized anything is the fact that it doesn’t
    equally affect everyone. I’m sorry to Hank, but I don’t want to be forced
    to pay for other peoples healthcare because the state wants to. A better
    solution to Hank’s problem, allow completely private healthcare, like John
    said at the beginning of the video, Capitalism brings down prices and
    creates innovation, the reason that healthcare is so damn expensive is
    because of all the regulation saying you have to pay for everybody else. 

  24. Equals Four said on 19-10-2014

    Sure, a bigger pizza, more for everyone…but the problem is that the
    HMO-Hospital Complex is NEVER FUCKING FULL!!!!!

    Oh…okay, so he’s both pro-Capitalism and a sensibly pro-regulation.

  25. Steve Evans said on 19-10-2014

    I love John and Hank I do, but like many they fail/refuse to the morality
    behind inflation and the corruption that breeds from a central banking

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