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  1. GlidingSparks said on 29-10-2014

    How do I tell a doctor I think I’m depressed in front of my parents? 

  2. PressFartToContinue said on 29-10-2014

    To anyone thinking about it – Don’t jump.

  3. Space-churro said on 30-10-2014

    I don’t know much about depression.
    But, teachers have told me to get over being made fun of. and then feeling
    sad about it. I’ve been blamed for being made fun of for being bisexual.
    This is their literal words “You’re just asking for attention! There fore
    it’s okay for them to make fun of you.” Teachers and things, told me that I
    have an assload of problems ” Bad temper, bossy, possibility of depression,
    and anxiety. Has aspergers syndrome. ADHD. Does not work well with peers.
    seeks attention” (Literal from my IEP) and when I have those moments where
    I just want to die so bad I almost ran away so someone out in the streets
    would bring out a gun and just shoot me, and kill me. I feel so pathetic
    for wishing for death because people have had it MUCH worse than me. Like,
    my friends, who are beaten by bullies, forget to eat, and things. I hate
    feeling like i’m selfish and pathetic. Hearing all these stories about
    people wanting to kill autistics and aspies makes me so mad.
    I even feel bad about writing this, because I feel like I’m being an
    attention whore.
    Every comment i’ve made on your videos, which are large stories of things,
    makes me feel extremely guilty. I hate asking for help, because I don’t
    need it.

  4. Tamar Frydman said on 30-10-2014

    I can’t spred awerness I’m too young….

  5. Karkat Vantas said on 30-10-2014

    I’m not sure if I have depression or not; I haven’t been to a doctor, but
    this video hit me hard, I started crying in the beginning of the video.
    Almost everyday I feel like utter shit. I am currently dealing with some
    issues in my life, I am dealing with some transgender issues and
    nonsupporting parents. They tend to ignore the issue of me wanting to be a
    boy and it hurts me a lot. Suicide crosses my mind from time to time but I
    try to ignore it as much as I can. I honestly don’t know what to do

  6. AnimeMoviePro said on 30-10-2014

    I’ve felt like that every single day of my life. I don’t go making whiny
    videos about it though. There are more serious psychiatric conditions than

  7. KustomFu said on 30-10-2014

    I’m having a really bad day and that yelling thing you did just broke me

  8. Mikki said on 30-10-2014

    I don’t know much about depression.
    But, I know what it’s like to have selective mutism.
    Everytime when you try to talk, you freak out. Your palms feel sweaty, and
    you feel like you’re about to faint.
    One time in 4th grade, some kid called me a ‘freak’ because I couldn’t
    speak to him and I started to cry.
    I always have panic attacks when someone talks to me; even if someone
    replies to my comment on YT – I don’t know how to respond.
    I can’t talk to 95% of my class, I only speak to 4 people. The rest? I’m
    After years of negativity, I know that all those bad words *do* describe
    me. I’m nothing but useless garabage that deserves no friends. Even people
    in my class can’t even accept my sexuality (I’m bisexual), yet there is
    another kid in my class who is bi and *everyone* loves him and accepts him!
    A girl in my class asked if I was still bi, because she thought I was
    straight because I had a crush on the one boy, and that was 4 days after I
    came out! I`ve been bi since I was 8, and now I`m 13.

    I just don’t get it…

  9. Niamh Moore said on 30-10-2014

    I’m 20 years old, and right now, I mostly feel happy and bubbly…(I still
    get episodes of anxiety and panic attacks which last up to 8 hours
    sometimes) but for the most part-I’m happy… This was not the case a few
    years ago… When I was 13, my mum died and I bottled things up… and by
    the time I was 15, I was deppressed and suicidal. I was hospitalised for
    like a week after an attempt…which now I am thankful I hadn’t researched
    properly-because I survived!…However, I was at a relations house a few
    weeks back, and they said something that hurt me a lot … they said
    ‘people who kill themselves go to hell… it’s the same as killing another
    person’ and also that people with deppression do it to themselves, they
    choose to be sad…despite me knowing none of that bullshit was true, it
    still stuck in my head, and I went home and cried for hours… it makes me
    sick to know that some people do think this way, and cannot see the pain
    that people with deppression go through on a daily basis, without the
    judgement of the outside world…some people just like to judge and it

  10. YukiBunny said on 30-10-2014

    You have a house over your head.

  11. Mariana Gonzalez said on 30-10-2014

    One of the worst things about being depressed (for me) is that you attract
    other depressed people. All of my friends end up having similar issues that
    I do. It’s like no matter what I can’t escape it. Just once I wish I could
    attract more positive people so that maybe they can rub off on me. .__.

  12. hobber mallow said on 30-10-2014

    Is it depression if you
    -Nearly break down frequently
    -Are stressed 24/7
    -Sometimes think that you would be better off just ending it all
    I have all of these and I get tormented a LOT
    Am I semi-depressed?

  13. Ethan Reilly said on 30-10-2014

    You know, you were highly critical of bipolar disorder due to a few bad
    experiences with people diagnosed with it, but now you are speaking for
    people with depression because you have it. You know, bipolar used to be
    called manic depression?!?!

  14. Hi-c said on 30-10-2014

    i have all the symptoms of depression and have [attempted] to kill myself,
    but ive never gotten help and i still break down and relapse very often due
    to my parents being arrogant assholes, saying all the things he said. i go
    through bullying, sexual and gender identity questioning, and
    ‘overthinking’ life and my future, im having to deal with this all on my
    but you help me mr repzion and your self help videos are inspiring and
    amazing that i feel much better, thank you <3

  15. Yukine said on 30-10-2014

    as much as i agree with you, there are way too many teenagers who ‘pretend’
    to have depression or actually think they do when they don’t. and for that
    reason i find it hard talking to anybody about it considering i don’t
    believe most people my age and due to the people that pretend, i have a
    very hard time pointing out the real sufferers, so i just choose to not
    believe anybody at all outside of the select few people i actually trust.

    mental health is heavily addressed, but unfortunately it’s wrongly
    addressed due to the ignorant teenagers who think they know what depression
    is. i’m not saying teenagers can’t be depressed, because they can, but
    honestly there are so many bullshitters out there that i don’t know who to
    believe anymore. so i don’t really know what your’e talking about when you
    say mental health doesn’t get enough attention, cause it really does.

    if anything we need to address the mental health problems OUTSIDE of
    depression and anxiety, cause that’s really the only thing that’s getting
    addressed, and way too much. it’s like the problem i have with gay rights,
    i’ve never seen once a person with a channel such as yours address
    transgenders, who have it a lot worse may i say.

    OCD is an example of a mental health issue that needs to be addressed. it’s
    addressed sure, but it is HEAVILY misunderstood. 

  16. Rain O'Rourke said on 30-10-2014

    It’s getting worse and worse every day. I can only stick up for myself as
    long as I can until I go weak. Something in me just kinda snaps and
    suddenly I fall apart. One moment I think I’m innocent and in the next I
    can’t stop blaming myself for everything that’s happening. I tell myself I
    make everyone’s life a living hell and I’m a waste of space. I can see
    myself saying these things but I can’t stop it. I’m afraid that one day
    I’ll be so deep in that state that I’ll forget about my old self and just
    remain unhappy and in a constant state of depression. It’s fucking scary
    and I feel crazy. I am too scared to tell anyone about it, because I’m
    afraid they’ll think I’m using it as an excuse for being so emotional. And
    that I’d be using it to get out of any mistakes I make. But I just want
    them to understand me, even though I can barely understand myself. I tell
    my mom countless times that I need help but all she says is, “I went
    through it, and I know what depression is. You don’t.”

  17. Raidernation2014 said on 30-10-2014

    I have been diagnosed with depression. I struggle to live every day. I have
    attempted suicide a handful of times and thought about it every damn day. I
    AM alone. I dont have any good friends and when I am fortunate and lucky
    enough to make a good friendship, a bond, they abandon me bc i am too sad,
    or a burden or depressing or whatever the fuck they say. I dont tell people
    irl bc i dont want them to know. I have seeked professional help and so far
    has not improved my state. Bro ur videos are great. They let me out of the
    hell i live for a few minutes. I have no one and all i want is someone.
    Someone to care for me and be a friend. I see no hope for me in that area
    tho. I am a straight up fuck up and ik it. I just need someone to listen…
    no one will… no one cares… why should I? Why am i here? I have no
    purpose and its clear. Again thank you for the videos and any help anyone
    can give me i.e. advice would be appreciated. Thanks 

  18. nuclearpoypoy said on 30-10-2014

    How I would handle depression is to have a goal in mind. Something to
    strive for and feel satisfied when you reach it. If you work hard for
    whatever it is and not worry of what others think of the idea than you have
    a chance at succeeding. And I usually try to do good things for other just
    to make myself feel happy.

  19. LilStarrLight1201 said on 30-10-2014

    I have depression and social anxiety.
    Whenever I feel like a worthless piece of shit.. that I Hate myself and
    wish I was dead, My parents yell at me about how its “my fault” and makes
    me feel worse. They tell me to “stop feeling sorry for myself” that “I’m
    just being selfish”
    I sometimes wish they could understand. Since I have social anxiety, I
    can’t talk to ANYONE about how I feel. I only have one close in real life
    friend who doesn’t even try to help me. Even when I try to talk to her
    about it she just doesn’t care. I can hardly make ANY friends because I
    always get so scared that I’ll say something stupid or do something that
    will make them hate me.
    I get teased and bullied by people at my school and in my neighborhood. My
    parents say, “Go out and make friends! Stop being so shy all the time! It’s
    just YOUR fault! Nobody elses!”
    It hurts when they say that. I can’t just magically “feel better”. I can’t
    just “Go out and make friends”. How is that possible when everyone I’v ever
    been friends with has betrayed my trust?
    This is also why I can’t trust my parents with anything. I can only talk to
    my grandmother about how I feel. I even came out to her as panromantic. But
    I can’t even tell ANYTHING to my parents. Every time I tell them something,
    they question it, make me feel worse…

  20. KustomFu said on 30-10-2014

    what’s a good reason not to kill yourself if you don’t have any family or
    friends that need you, no job that needs you to be there, and you do
    absolutely nothing useful?

  21. Trec93 said on 30-10-2014

    if your religious parents were a problem for you then you should know that
    you’re weak selfish and borring.

  22. Fae Aisa said on 30-10-2014

    None cares about me and I say screw it. maybe I’m meant to be alone. None
    cares so why should I?

  23. Vetras Tsuriai said on 30-10-2014

    Can definetly identify with most of it. But I never had problems with my
    surroundings in general, because I’ve build a pretty stable mask for these
    kinds of interactions.

    It even entertains me at times to see people having that “normal” image of
    me while not seeing “me” when I’m right in front of them. Quite ironic that
    that boosts my self confidence.

    But at the same time that disconected “me” from my surroundings up to a
    point where I have not even a glimpse of empathy towards anyone. Not even
    for my family.

    But it’s not that I hate myself for it. I accepted it, after analyzing the
    causes for that development.

    So I would advise everyone who deals with a similar situation: Don’t build
    a mask, if you care for anyone in your surrounding. You will most likely
    lose that.

  24. artemis Crowley said on 30-10-2014

    i tryed going to my doctor to ask for antidepression pills but they always
    send me to the damn therapist. someone who’s going to sit on the chair and
    act like they care just to get the paycheck isn’t going to help me.

  25. Stefano Kambel J.F. said on 30-10-2014

    Hellow guys,

    Im 20 now and had depression/psychosis from the age of 17 till 19.
    I took about 8 types of different types of medication and have quit all of
    them so i havent finished my therapy. It was too expensive and the side
    effects i couldnt handle. But even though i can honestly tell u i’ve made
    big steps to crawl out of my dark hole that i was. So i can honestly
    mention that u can come to me for a bit of advice/life stories if ur in a
    depression now.

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