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  1. kinky olsen said on 12-10-2014

    @peoneybaby Its actually right what mario says.. i used to train and when i
    began to gain too much weight i kept saying to my self all day i gotta
    train and i gotta lose weight very fast because it hurt me inside that i
    was becomming fat and without knowing it i began to loose weight

  2. mensa517 said on 12-10-2014

    Wonderful. I hope you don’t mind that I posted this video on my facebook
    page. Just trying to spread the news 🙂

  3. mariopatai said on 12-10-2014

    @peoneybaby No, but if you tell yourself you can lose weight, it won’t be
    hard and you’ll look amazing after – it will. Aslong as you truly believe!

  4. HTFAmvs said on 12-10-2014

    @peoneybaby Issues that are important. Involving cognitive action. Maybe
    the amount of stress you face in your life would induce a psychotic
    illness, and you’ll lose perception of your weight, and you’ll be able to
    enjoy lucidity without trying.

  5. razor71927 said on 12-10-2014

    @mensa517 Is there a money-back guarantee before I send the money off?
    Doubt it!

  6. thethirdq said on 12-10-2014

    I Really enjoyed the video and the channel. Wanted to say hi and make

  7. Nationalist Aswse said on 12-10-2014

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