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Comedian Howie Mandel opens up about living with his OCD and ADHD, and addresses the stigma behind mental health.

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  1. Rino Levesque Jr said on 13-10-2014

    the news banner under howie…”mandel: couldn’t tie shoes as a kid. Says he
    left shoes untied because laces touched the floor” Call me a grammar
    nazi… but it reads like its howie giving a lame excuse for not being able
    to tie his shoes instead of describing a horrible condition he is inflicted

  2. Wendy Hernandez said on 13-10-2014

    What is ocd

  3. Daniel Johnson said on 13-10-2014

    As an OCD sufferer as well, I have to say that Howie has hit the nail on
    the head in regards to his comments on our society’s lack of mental health
    awareness and treatment. Early treatment is one part of the solution.

  4. FleurPillager said on 13-10-2014

    It is surprising to me how many educated people are ignorant about mental
    health issues. There was a video yesterday about a child with Schizophrenia
    and the comments were horrible-people were saying that he needed a beating
    or better parents. I’m glad to see CNN talking about these issues. It’s
    badly needed.

  5. King Bob said on 13-10-2014

    I’m not afraid of opening up to a doctor. I’m afraid that Obama’s executive
    order signed in the last month that violates HIPAA will be a way to violate
    my rights. Anything you tell your doctors now, can and will be used against
    you in the future…..interesting timing Mandel! 

  6. Gerson Calderon said on 13-10-2014

    So true! 

  7. defina jones said on 13-10-2014


  8. Suzy Doozy said on 13-10-2014

    Howie, You’re a whackado.

  9. Pastor Doug Gullman said on 13-10-2014

    wow, that is a great point.

  10. Emperor Lucifer Scipio said on 13-10-2014

    First they argue for gun control now they argue for mind control.

  11. Geronimo Khan said on 13-10-2014

    I guess we all suffer it or suffered it once in our lifetime. I actually
    agree with him, I would really appreciate it if society accepted people
    with mental health problems, it’s a struggle that’s all I can say. It’s
    better to be honest and truthful and accept ones problems.

  12. Connie Hensley said on 13-10-2014
  13. Brett Childs said on 14-10-2014

    Well said Howie. One of the most thoughtful statements I have seen in a
    while. Thank you for sharing. 

  14. annasandra chellton said on 14-10-2014

    the problem is whose definition of health do we choose and do we really
    believe big pharma…..and how do we monetize priceless reality.

  15. Samuel Cyiza kayondo said on 14-10-2014

    u are wright in many ways. but we think if u ask for help they will call u

  16. Paula Barrows said on 14-10-2014

    Thank you Howie! Just one reason why I love you.

  17. Shanil R said on 14-10-2014

    exactly mental health is a big problem these days as there is a stigma
    associated with it 

  18. Sung Bong Nam said on 14-10-2014

    Good lesson ever I have about mental issue. Society would need to be more
    careful around people, even my child, how we react is important. 

  19. Eugene Bates said on 14-10-2014

    ADHD, emotionally disabled, dyslexia learning disabled, sensory is who I

  20. Gerald Gardner said on 14-10-2014

    But he would like us to hide the fact he starred in the greatest television
    show in history, 1990’s Good Grief, which ran for a paltry 13 episodes.

  21. Kerry Morrison said on 14-10-2014

    Love what he says about our society. We take care of our dental health but
    not our mental health. Good message. 

  22. Sophia Flagg said on 14-10-2014

    I love you Howie… I know how it is to struggle with ADHD 

  23. realmadrid40 said on 14-10-2014

    Very true…although ppls privacy should be respected no matter how much a
    person tries to hide their mental issues due to privacy,embarrassment,work
    policy etc at the end of the day it will come out…unfortunately not a lot
    of ppl have courage to say they have a problem

  24. Eileen LeValley said on 14-10-2014

    Howie, you were just on Jay Leno and touched everything around you that had
    germs. The chair, the table everything back stage while you were waiting to
    come out . But you would not shake anyone’s hand. I find this strange.
    Sounds like you have other issues besides being afraid of germs. 

  25. DarkstarDarth said on 14-10-2014

    Your not different then all of us

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