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Qualitative Research for Public Health and Clinical Investigation

This video is a one-hour lecture that Roberta E. Goldman, PHD delivered as part of the Harvard Catalyst lecture series in 2011. The lecture presents an overv…
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  1. Ridho Taqwa said on 18-10-2014

    I watched thi video until finished, very veru helpful thank so much

  2. Ray Brennan said on 18-10-2014

    I am beginning my thesis and I chose qualitative methods. Your
    explainations are clear and on point. You have a friend accross town at the
    PVAMC library. Ray

  3. Monica Sanchez said on 18-10-2014

    HI, I was wondering if the slides are accessible anywhere. In addition, do
    you have the suggested reading that accompanies this lecture. This would be
    extremely helpful!

  4. Kukhanya Azania said on 18-10-2014

    This is very useful. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  5. Erin kim said on 18-10-2014

    I watched this video beginning to an end it was very useful. I’m taking
    stats and it was a fascinating study of designs!

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