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For more go to: A discussion on how to tackle the problem of suicide with singer/songwriter Bressie, Prof. Jim Lucey, Jack Kirwa…

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  1. Todd umcis said on 17-11-2014

    i suffered from panic attacks in secondary school, life was hell, I got no
    help, even though one of my teachers who I met recently said they felt
    sorry for me when I was in secondary school. I am 27 now and still trying
    to cope with panic attacks.

  2. Cody Rall MD said on 17-11-2014

    Hey, saw that you might be interested in issues in mental health. Check out
    my channel and let me know what you think! Thanks!

  3. Sally Hogan said on 17-11-2014

    I wonder if repressed homosexuality is part of the problem?

  4. Barry White said on 17-11-2014

    Recently I was diagnosed with a light dose of bi polar and to be honest
    psychiatry made me worse the mental health services in this country and not
    only this country are disgraceful. I have been forced to come down from the
    medication they have given me and I have refused treatment and I will never
    seek help again. They are criminals trying to profit from giving people
    these anti psychotic drugs and they don’t give a fuck about health they
    only want to sift the fit from the unfit.

  5. rory smyth said on 17-11-2014

    A combination of social bringing up, TV brainwashing and lack of
    opportunity .Tv is a tool to stardom and false realization on reality. My
    brother was a dole superstar BIG OUT OF CONTROL EGO . BIG BUISINESS

  6. Michael Looby said on 17-11-2014

    Fair play to bressie for speaking about his issues it just shows it can
    affect anyone. It’s about time that suicide issues was tackled and to
    remove the stigma about mental health.

  7. Kelly-Ann Mcl said on 17-11-2014

    Love. U Bressie 4 Eva.

  8. MrSLaKoNe1 said on 17-11-2014

    i think he meant that suicide should not be an option, but he just
    misworded it.

  9. keano2348 said on 17-11-2014

    That young guy Jack is amazing he must have felt terribly afraid of what he
    was going through being so young but I’ve been saying it for ages its a
    chemical thing not sum sort of dark cloud that hovers above us and then
    descends to turns our lives upside down its a physical change in the brain
    people need 2 change the attitude too it.the level of care & the attitude
    of psychiatrists needs 2 change also it cant be about dosing people up
    until they are walking around like zombies.

  10. Phil Dixon said on 17-11-2014

    So brave

  11. KIRSTY SANDERSON said on 17-11-2014

    My prayers are with you all. Gog bless. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Laoch111 said on 17-11-2014

    Peter Lynch: “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.”

  13. KIRSTY SANDERSON said on 17-11-2014

    I pray for all the families for their loss. PLEASE PLEASE people dont take

  14. MrRobynLover said on 17-11-2014

    Have to disagree with Bressie though when he says suicide should no longer
    be part of the conversation. Maybe he worded his point poorly but I think
    we’ve got to talk about is, as much as possible you can’t censor the s word
    just because it is upsetting.

  15. Phil Dixon said on 17-11-2014

    Bressie you are a hero

  16. Jack Hickey said on 17-11-2014

    I think (or I hope) he just worded it wrong, I think he meant that he wants
    people to be able to think of talking about it before the thought of
    suicide comes into their head at all.

  17. spikeesnoop said on 17-11-2014

    That 19 year old guy is amazing. He’s brave to just come out and talk so
    directly about what he’s been through. At the end of the day just a
    condition like any physical problem. No difference.

  18. Laoch111 said on 17-11-2014

    The general silence from the Irish government is deafening on this matter.
    People don’t want to kill themselves rather they want to kill the
    unbearable feelings. Unfortunately our society as a whole has become
    obsessed with money (either gaining or struggling with debts) at the
    expense of everything else.

  19. MrRobynLover said on 17-11-2014

    Thank goodness we’re coming forward like this and being so candid about
    mental health. Forwards never backwards x

  20. Muon Ray said on 17-11-2014

    I don’t think people understand that for a lot of people, suicide does make
    sense if you are suffering. If I did not have a family that I did not wish
    to leave behind, I would gladly end my life within a few days; who really
    would want to live in such misery and be told over and over “you’re sick”.
    People who have depression are literally commanded to be get better. Some
    people just can’t live with it and would rather not be drugged and packed
    into a nuthouse to live as a vegetable.

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