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Knit and crochet have therapeutic benefits to mood, mind and body. Video highlights the latest clinical studies from Harvard Medical School, the Mayo Clinic,…
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  1. CROCHET GEEK said on 11-11-2014

    This video talks about how crochet is wonderful therapy. One thing I know
    for sure, it has helped me through though times with the loss if an infant
    son and years as a military spouse. As much as I love teaching on YouTube,
    sometimes I have to set the video recording aside and just crochet for me.
    In those times, I make hats and scarves for the homeless. Making the
    stitches put things back in perspective and shut off the chatter. Share
    your experiences if you are comfortable talking about them.

  2. Magnolia Arena said on 11-11-2014

    Se ve interesante pero yo no hablo ingles

  3. Joy Menay said on 12-11-2014

    Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time:

  4. orly2me said on 12-11-2014

    I learned to crochet in college 3 years ago. I started teaching classes
    last year. I cannot knit or crochet anymore because I over stressed my
    hands because I love it so much. It makes me sad watching this video,
    because I want to pick up my hooks again but my hands lock up

  5. Dina Morris said on 12-11-2014

    knitting and crocheting are life savers for me!!

  6. Cathy Raux said on 12-11-2014
  7. Rebecca Oden said on 12-11-2014

    when I broke my ankle I took my knitting with me. I knitted while waiting
    for the dr to come help me in the ER

  8. Carol Cassidy-Fayer said on 12-11-2014

    Even better description of how creativity with yarn improves your life:
    Changing Global Health One Stitch at a Time

  9. BBB Crochet and Knit Designs said on 12-11-2014

    Very interesting video! Never knew crocheting and knitting could be so good
    for you!

  10. MadeByYour Hand said on 12-11-2014

    Couldn’t agree more! Knit and crochet have therapeutic benefits to mood,
    mind and body. Now we have a scientific evidence.

  11. Janis Cortese said on 12-11-2014

    “When the hands are busy, the heart is serene.” — Akira Yoshizawa,
    Japanese origami master

    He’s right. :-)

  12. karen baker said on 12-11-2014

    wonderful. i am a knit, crochet and weaver. it’s meditative for me.

  13. terri parkin said on 12-11-2014

    Yay! I just started to crochet .. Love it .. Going to try knitting soon.

  14. Carly Ely said on 12-11-2014

    I was fresh out of the hospital after a nervous breakdown and I decided to
    pick up knitting as a hobby. I feel like it saved my life… it helped me
    focus on things that wouldn’t lead me into a downwards spiral of
    depression. I also found a new purpose with my life and have taken my love
    for knitting as far as learning to spin, weave and dye various fibres. So I
    can definitely agree that knitting has a lot of great benefits!

  15. Angie Nash said on 12-11-2014
  16. Auntie Zaza's Fiber Works said on 12-11-2014

    Here is a wonderful video about the health benefits of knitting and
    crocheting. Go grab your knitting and crochet and enjoy the show. (… it
    is about 12 minutes long.

  17. Ulrich Semrau said on 12-11-2014

    I have been a counselor for over forty years and crocheting for over twenty
    and I completely agree that it is therapeutic. 

  18. Kelly Hentschel said on 12-11-2014
  19. Sarah Chauncey said on 12-11-2014

    My mom knitted and crocheted for most of her life until last couple of
    years when her hands failed her. She was one sharp lady. My daughter
    learned from my mom…

  20. Craft Yarn Council said on 12-11-2014

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