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Clayton State University School of Nursing Health Assessment final check-off walk-through instructional video.

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  1. migbham said on 28-11-2014

    @Sweetlife031: to assess for tactile fremitus.

  2. nada ali said on 28-11-2014

    best exam

  3. sweetlife031 said on 28-11-2014

    13:51 – Why say “99”?

  4. Ali umar said on 28-11-2014

    best exam

  5. Krissy Rooks said on 28-11-2014

    Very helpful:)

  6. WezzyLovent said on 28-11-2014

    when does a doctor useally do the stuff on the belly like this guy did on
    her please respond .

  7. vicaroffattytown said on 28-11-2014

    Great video and very professional friendly manner. Thank you

  8. migbham said on 28-11-2014

    @amberleah2008… You gave me a chuckle. Just in case it’s not obvious to
    any viewer, this is an instructional video and not an assessment of an
    actual patient. Part of the instruction is to brief the patient on the
    confidentiality policy, which of course, includes not posting your
    patients’ assessments on the Internet. Ideally, you wouldn’t record the
    assessment at all. 😀 :

    Thanks for watching and for commenting!

  9. johnners clonkerbernard said on 28-11-2014

    To auscultate effectively the patient should be naked above the waist.

  10. BioScience said on 28-11-2014

    Great video. :)

  11. kodyroo82 said on 28-11-2014

    Are nurses in the USA allowed to wear wrist watches? Here (North Europe
    (Finland)) it’s only allowed in some psychiatric wards where germs are not
    the main issue. 

  12. David Cantrell said on 28-11-2014

    Nice job! Very helpful!

  13. Ashbranch Juniper said on 28-11-2014

    You did a great job. Very professional.

  14. silverfuryranger said on 28-11-2014

    Very helpful thanks!

  15. KathleenMariex said on 28-11-2014

    The camera is really annoying me. Keeps making a noise when it zooms in and
    out. Otherwise excellent video!!

  16. Ryan King said on 28-11-2014

    I thought it was hilarious when he paused for a bit to use hand sanitizer
    while he was still staring at her with a smile. I was half expecting him to
    let out an evil cackle. Lol

  17. Thad Hill said on 28-11-2014

    Good job

  18. Loriann Farrell said on 28-11-2014

    Very relaxing.

  19. amberleah2008 said on 28-11-2014

    “Anything we talk about will be confidential” – posts to youtube

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