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This video discusses a huge problem that has been seen nationwide with the new Obamacare health plan (and it isn’t the Obamacare website). It is the fact tha…
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  1. Hot Lead retired said on 20-11-2014

    I bought the best plan my county offered BC/BS GOLD plan cost $427.00 a
    month with dental for two adults. Next Jan. it will drop to $225.00 a month
    because I recieved a lump some payment from work when I retired and it
    raised my income for this year. In Jan 2015 it will be based strictly on my
    retirement pension. Another thing I learned is my state doesn’t count
    homes, cars, or retirement as income and they want me to sign up for
    $200.00 dollars of month in food stamps or SNAP, it’s crazy. It’s against
    everything I believed in, but they make it easy for you. That’s if I don’t
    work of course. If I decide to take snap I would buy nothing but steaks and
    pork ribs with it, because I throw a couple of cookouts every year for
    three or four neighbors and their kids. This is the first time in my life
    that I haven’t worked and I can’t believe all the things the government
    wants to push on you to take. I guess I could look at it as a retirement
    benefit. Anyway I living the dream.

  2. inkey2 said on 20-11-2014

    I WAS ON OBAMA CARE for 4 months. The major flaw with Obama Care is that it
    is not administered the same way in each state thus the huge cost
    differences from state to state. About half the states in the USA it’s run
    by the federal govt, 1/4 of the states it’s run by the state and the other
    quarter is run joint by state and fed. The states that are run by the state
    ( like my state; Massachusetts) is where you get really screwed because the
    states can set their own “income threshold” and decide if you get it for a
    low rate or you get reamed. My wife and I payed over $1100 a month. That’s
    over $13,000 if you have it a year. Is that affordable health care???

  3. Annuity Think Tank said on 20-11-2014
  4. Richard Jacox said on 20-11-2014

    My sister got her coverage for $1.61 per months (she does not make much in
    salary). She has a $500 deductible and $25 copay, $17 for meds. Thank you
    ACA (Obamacare)!

  5. Jodi Vail said on 20-11-2014

    It’s a no win situation…

  6. Retirement Think Tank said on 20-11-2014
  7. PatroniMeiSancti said on 20-11-2014

    Oh no. IRS has a new target.

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