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In the East Room of the White House, President Obama thanked American health care workers for their service on the frontlines of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. October 29, 2014.
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  1. psychotronik13 said on 03-11-2014

    Obamacare? More like Ebolacare!

  2. Jeremiah A said on 03-11-2014

    He looks like he’s kind of falling asleep. A little fade at the end of a
    sentence, glassy eyes, blank stare. He probably gets no sleep.

  3. boobare6 said on 03-11-2014

    Go get ’em President Obama!!! What a great President!!!


  4. LullabyOfScreams said on 03-11-2014

    I do armed security at a hideaway for family members of Ebola victims here
    in Texas. These poor people were evicted from their homes by paranoid
    neighbors leaving death threats on their doors, and faced having their
    homes vandalized. This woman is truly insane if she thinks for a minute
    she’ll be any different than these people. I imagine she’ll have to live
    like Casey Anthony if she goes through with this. What a selfish woman, she
    should have her license revoked.

  5. Kirk Allen said on 03-11-2014

    The black community and single women need to stop listening to this
    negative propaganda against our great leader President Obama. The fact is
    that the loyal black community has always been willing to sacrifice
    themselves for the great Democrat Party. And in order for the Democrat
    party to continue its success, the black community must continue and will
    continue to sacrifice themselves.

    The black community MUST support no voter ID’s required to vote in order
    for Mexican citizens to vote and keep the Democrats in office. Don’t
    listen to the lies that food stamps and welfare are destroying the black
    community what we need are more food stamps and more of the community
    getting on welfare. VOTE DEMOCRAT.

    There is no unemployment problem in the black community, And don’t listen
    to the lies that Amnesty will take away much-needed jobs from the black
    community. The jobs lost by the black community to the new Mexican citizens
    aren’t any good anyway. The chances are good that the black community might
    even get some of those jobs back. But either way, who cares since the
    Democrats promise free housing, food, clothing. Everything will be
    provided to you and you don’t have to do a thing except pull that voting
    lever for the Democrats. DON’T ROCK THE BOAT. KEEP THINGS THE SAME VOTE

  6. Subliminal Sanity said on 03-11-2014

    3:23 in Obama Almost Slips and admits that these guys are the most Immoral
    Doctors he could muster up..

  7. RevolutionNewsUS said on 03-11-2014


  8. Ernst Stavro Blofeld said on 03-11-2014

    Interesting… They are wearing lab-coats in the White House.
    I don’t think they do this for fashion reasons…

  9. the82spartans said on 03-11-2014

    Does anyone believe the men standing behind the podium are actual medical

  10. themanshere74 said on 03-11-2014

    I bet they have the vaccine, but keeping the information a secret. If so,
    the power to play God.

  11. Marck Meguid said on 03-11-2014

    Out and about Abbott is hiding under the covers, jerking off avoiding this
    issue..Australia should not fear nor run away from this Ebola outbreak…
    Australians have among them the best medical personnel in the world..

  12. Retro Techno Channel said on 03-11-2014

    where negroes there and dirt with illnesses

  13. Tom V said on 03-11-2014

    I have the perfect solution to the 21 day quarantine of medical
    personnel. Find a luxury hotel on a island somewhere, let people do their
    quarantine there. Problem solved, yes it would be expensive but these
    people put their lives on the line. So they deserve some sort of
    consideration. I think it is the least we can do. If you think about it
    quarantine in a hospital is expensive to.

  14. Daniel Rothschild said on 03-11-2014

    The fight against Ebola is just beginning. We’ll hear a lot about this
    shit, yet..

  15. Иан Королев said on 03-11-2014

    How stupid is most media! “X percentage of Americans not happy with Obama’s
    handling of Ebola”, they tell us. Since when is Obama alone handling Ebola?
    How stupid are their polls! This is not an individual’s job, it’s a
    coordinated effort. See, their individualistic understanding of the world
    makes it impossible for them to develop a sense of community. And citizens
    need to do their fair share and get informed too, not just sit on the sofa
    saying the first thing that comes to mind about Ebola. Why does the media
    keep causing hysteria, confusion and anti-government bias? Because they
    want people to think there’s a much bigger problem than there really is.
    They’re a business and they need to sell stories in order to increase their
    TV ratings. The media is responsible for poisoning the good and
    effective response that the Obama administration gave to Ebola. Not all the
    media, but most of it. Obama is part of the solution, but most media is
    part of the problem. Some journalists are not journalists, they don’t care
    about objectivity or conducting an investigation, they’re propagandists,
    disseminating anti-government propaganda because unfortunately they know it
    sells because the US is full of paranoids and conspiracy theorists like
    Alex Jones. Can’t you see the media has already interpreted things for you?
    Instead of giving you the facts, they’re picking the information they see
    fit in order to impose a particular interpretation of the facts on the
    viewers, or in other words they distort the facts.

  16. psychotronik13 said on 03-11-2014


  17. Jeremiah A said on 03-11-2014

    Is that Snowden standing behind him to the left? Less talky talky, more
    doey doey.

  18. Felix el maziso said on 03-11-2014

    You no all them ducker are going to

  19. Joanna Carlington said on 03-11-2014

    Look at the lady behind him What’s that she’s wearing on her necklace? Oh
    That’s just the Illuminati all seeing eye. Nothing to be worried about. Its
    not like Obama knew What she wearing. This world we are leaving in is very
    satanic I wish people would Wake up. I pray people would stop being in

  20. Valentin Genev said on 03-11-2014

    God Bless B.Obama and USA!!

  21. Silvia Hernandez said on 03-11-2014

    Hello white house,valuable work vs Ebola.
    Is marvelous teell,with you.
    Mr president Barack Obama
    EDWIN and Family

  22. MariusInMD said on 03-11-2014

    white coats makes everyone feel better

  23. Kacey said on 03-11-2014

    I think Obama truly cares about the american people. He just worries about
    a panic. Maybe he is getting us prepared for something?

  24. TheArtofWar III said on 03-11-2014

    Obama cares so much about the innocent people. So much that he orders drone
    strike on innocent children, or start a war on a country that has done
    nothing to harm US. Obama cares , because he is the lord and savior

  25. Frances MaGinness said on 03-11-2014

    Grace under pressure. Thank You for your leadership Mr. President. I hope
    the world begins to see Americans as a people that loves their neighbor as
    ourselves. We need to honor and protect our Medical Heroes. 

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