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  1. YellowBrickCinema said on 26-11-2014

    Our wish for you, is that while listening to this music you will find a way
    to relax mentally from

    your daily stress and take the opportunity to focus on connecting with your
    thoughts and

    feelings. Through physical relaxation and deep breathing you will
    immediately be having

    a positive effect on your physical body by slowing down your heart rate and
    increasing the

    fresh oxygenated blood flowing through your entire body. Your body can
    begin to let go of the

    tension and tiredness that you are carrying and hopefully you will also
    feel some of that tension

    releasing in your mind. Try and tune into where you are physically carrying
    your stress — it

    might be a headache or perhaps you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
    both very common

    physical signs of stress.

    Relaxation will help you to focus better at work as well as hopefully help
    you to get a better

    nights’ sleep!

    For music to help you with specific sleep or concentration problems look
    through our other

    videos and we hope that you find what you are looking for.

  2. Anabela Grangeia said on 26-11-2014

    Boa Noite … :)

  3. lasorciererouge1 said on 26-11-2014
  4. marilyn ovPuna said on 26-11-2014

    And let’s close out the day with relaxing meditation.

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