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'THE 10 FEATHERS OF HAPPINESS'. Motivational, inspirational health & wellness video. Natasha Saltzer

THE 10 FEATHERS OF HAPPINESS by Natasha Saltzer. A video to inspire you on how to bring more self-nourishment into your life, in 10 simple steps. Natasha has…
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  1. Healthy and Natural LIFE said on 09-11-2014

    Happy weeken with one motivational video!


  2. Silvia Lac said on 09-11-2014

    Live BETTER! Take this ALL in…! Be ALL YOU CAN BE!

  3. Geri Marie said on 09-11-2014
  4. Rob Surrusco said on 09-11-2014

    And a healthy nervous system is the key to processing all 10 Keys!

  5. Clarendon Chiropractic A Creating Wellness Center said on 09-11-2014

    The essence of our practice and our Creating Wellness Center to is help
    individuals experience these 10 Feathers of Happiness and live life to the
    fullest. We do by identifying and helping your body reverse the damaging
    effect of stress. #COREscore 

  6. Take a Walk, not a Pill said on 09-11-2014
  7. Yoga with Kaya said on 09-11-2014

    I love your video! Check out my channel:

  8. karen george said on 09-11-2014

    very nice ..inspirational..

  9. Lahtli said on 09-11-2014

    Well done. YOU get it!!! I will share this and your channel on my blog if
    that is OK? Cheers 🙂

  10. Joseph Centron said on 09-11-2014


  11. Natasha Saltzer said on 09-11-2014

    Hi Lahtli, Thanks for watching….that would be wonderful if you could
    share it. Many thanks!

  12. Natasha Saltzer said on 09-11-2014

    Hi Joseph, Thank you I appreciate your comments and taking the time to
    watch. 🙂

  13. Tirzalishezz S said on 10-11-2014

    What an awesome video message! I really love this! Will share… <3

  14. Natasha Saltzer said on 10-11-2014

    Hi Tirza – thank you very much! You are such a light! x

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