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The Future of Health Care: Electronic Health Records

Learn about the positive impact of technology in health care. Innovative health care can save lives and every physician and health care provider has a stake …
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  1. EMED Health Information Exchange (HIE) said on 24-11-2014


  2. Michael Taylor said on 24-11-2014

    Here is an idea. We Establish a Federal / State Medical Records System.
    This way we can know when patients have gotten their tests instead of
    giving them shots or taking their blood when they don’t need to.
    Data/Record are kept because with that we can be able to pin-point symptoms
    of diseases. We can also find cures to diseases. Private information is
    left on private screen and only able to access by Patients approval or
    Court authority.

  3. Swedchef3 said on 24-11-2014

    @tnguyen318 cool story bro, tell it again

  4. LibertyDownUnder said on 25-11-2014

    Hmmm… so the Government regulates and blocks medical development,
    creating a system where it’s impossible or legally risky for providers to
    share data – and then comes up and suggests to ‘fix’ the problem with a
    brand new Government run IT system. Gee, I wonder what could go wrong?

  5. SuperHealthyHealth said on 25-11-2014

    Valuable info.

  6. XXBeguilerXX said on 25-11-2014

    so what happens when this gets hacked? I am wary that the benefits do not
    outweigh the risks

  7. Health-rights non profit said on 25-11-2014

    This be much better for young people with health concerns who do not
    understand their health condition all do not know the differnce. All a x-
    ray that could of been done years ago but did not go back to same doctor
    who refer the x ray to find out results.

  8. seethroughghost14 said on 25-11-2014

    Off Topic: I really like the background song, anybody know it?

  9. StarSocialBranding said on 25-11-2014

    Electronic is good but there are always glitches

  10. funfunfun405 said on 25-11-2014

    we need to crack down on quack arrogant doctors . There are alot of
    those..We should have electronic records which the patient can access and
    challenge any comments made by medical professionals and even sue if they
    need to..Electronic records are good to prevent spoliation of evidence if
    anything goes wrong.

  11. Silver Dust said on 25-11-2014

    As a nurse for over 16 years, and as a patient, I do NOT like the
    electronic medical records…. it is not good. One doctor put in the
    computer that I was a homeless drug seeking addict, which I am NOT. And
    everywhere I go, this follows and flavors how I am treated. And, not all
    doctors are good. I have had doctors put in my record that I am
    noncompliant as I argued that I am NOT HOMELESS.

  12. Dennis Wee said on 25-11-2014

    @SuperHealthyHealth yeah this will really help a lot in improving the
    delivery of health care to patients

  13. highaltitude02 said on 25-11-2014

    fuck all of you suckers of satan’s cock

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