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  1. PsycheTruth said on 15-11-2014

    Top 10 Worst Foods!!! What could you give up?

  2. hildaomg said on 15-11-2014

    What is your stance on marijuana for pain management??? Whether it’s
    edible, vapor, smoke… 

  3. Amanda Weigner said on 15-11-2014

    How do I pack a lunch without plastic????? With all this clean eating
    making meals at home what do I take it to work in?

  4. Darlene DeCicco said on 15-11-2014

    Meat, dairy, and processed foods of the worst 3 combo you could ever put in
    your body. Not to mention, you’re killing an innocent animal for your taste
    buds. Shameful.

  5. coshun2003able said on 15-11-2014
  6. Norman Stolba said on 15-11-2014

    Hey Corinna, I’m gay

  7. Kristina S. said on 15-11-2014

    Are there bad chemicals in vaseline (petroleum jelly)? Is it a safer
    alternative than other creams for hydrating your skin? (because I couldn’t
    live without a moisturizer, after water my skin drives me insane if I don’t
    put moisturizer on it).

  8. coshun2003able said on 15-11-2014

    Hot dogs are probably the worse 

  9. Josh Durant said on 15-11-2014
  10. Paige Mueller said on 15-11-2014

    would it still be healthy to catch ur own fish and raise your own animals

  11. Waddah Ismail said on 15-11-2014

    Love your video and you corrina. Wanna see more from u. Many thnx.

  12. roki khan said on 15-11-2014

    Holla! Have you thought about the Fat Blaze Factor (search on google)? Ive
    hear a number of fantastic things about it and my buddy burned alot of
    unwanted fats(:

  13. liviu bardel said on 16-11-2014

    i found something that you are wrong about.finaly.
    plastic and stainles steel both are toxic.there are chimicals they are use
    to create steel cans.
    only glass is good. alsow glass preserve better than plastic.and colored
    glass is even better than clear
    and i know now why i no longer have teets is becouse coke is made from rocs.
    sorry for my english.
    world health organization eat children.
    ilnes in the world are spred by world health organization tru
    vaccines.including aids malaria and other.
    fuck world health organization.

  14. Sherry Lyons said on 16-11-2014

    Rapeseed is bad? Seems legit….

  15. Shelly Sage said on 16-11-2014

    I have a question. If It is unhealthy 2 drink from a plastic
    water bottle, What can I drink from? Thank you. Love your show!

  16. Rib Maharjan said on 16-11-2014

    Lose you flab and be fab by joining ExprezSliminizer.

  17. JuJu Montijo said on 16-11-2014

    What foods are most hunger satisfying but healthy

  18. Keith Wright said on 16-11-2014

    Corrina, if I avoid all the foods you say, life will no longer be fun…

  19. PureLOVEforhashem said on 16-11-2014

    I’m jus addicted u your videos 

  20. Dimitri Vegas Shmigg said on 16-11-2014

    This lady has to be related to Kaya Scodelario?! #twins 

  21. Ma Wa said on 16-11-2014

    Poor chickens…and all the animals that never see the light of day!! Makes
    me see why so many people are vegetarians & vegans. After viewing some of
    your videos, I honestly don’t know what to eat anymore but know I need to
    make some big changes since I get such bad tummy pains when I eat out.
    Thanks for the videos :)

  22. Dustin Skaggs said on 16-11-2014

    Just about every drink you can get comes in a plastic bottle bud.

  23. OldaurGold said on 16-11-2014

    so many people gave this guy thumbs up LOLLLLL

  24. Mthwa Tungata said on 16-11-2014

    Corrina’s hot. Just saying…

  25. do .t said on 16-11-2014

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