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For the first time in human history, the world will soon have more older people than children. The human race is ageing and we are unprepared. Unless we chan…
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  1. carlos echarri said on 14-11-2014

    great video! ¡peasho video!

  2. Jintu Medhi said on 14-11-2014


  3. Sonia Mey said on 14-11-2014

    Wow! Impressive! Thank you WHO … I celebrate, respect, value and love
    every older person! Happy World Health Day!

  4. Photographic1A said on 14-11-2014

    Excellent video

  5. Ákos Takács said on 14-11-2014

    I can’t imagine why only 20k people have seen it !?

  6. ZenPhilosopher123 said on 14-11-2014

    Jet Li Sent me here.

  7. Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha said on 14-11-2014

    we need more of this type of videos for our aging communities. I love to
    share the message with my Boomers Group and the Seniors we serve in the
    Peel and Halton Region in Ontario. We can change..we can do something if we
    start now.

  8. Muhielaan Vasuthevan said on 14-11-2014

    You are a gift from god to change mankind’s perception and not simply judge
    by physical appearance.

  9. Jesus Christ said on 14-11-2014

    Awesome !!!!

  10. MrReginaCampos said on 14-11-2014

    Lindo vídeo. Belo exemplo.

  11. Michele Schottenbauer said on 14-11-2014

    I discovered by chance that playing the United Nations video “It’s Your
    World” at the same time as this video provides an interesting juxtaposition
    of music and narration regarding world issues. Perhaps this incident
    provides a good metaphor for how organizations can strengthen each other
    through parallel lines of work, without the mutual benefit being
    immediately apparent (or intended).

  12. WiseHeartCoaching said on 14-11-2014

    As a gerontologist who believes in positive, conscious aging, this is right

  13. ImmunizeEveryChild said on 14-11-2014

    Terrific music, nice graphics, boy these guys are good … I cannot wait to
    be old! Keep up the good work Mont and all our friends at WHO. Good luck
    with it.

  14. dontbemad plz said on 14-11-2014

    phat beat son

  15. Brenda Avadian said on 15-11-2014

    Powerful. Will post to The Caregiver’s Voice website as the music and
    message are both inspiring.

  16. Subrata Chatterjee said on 15-11-2014

    Excellent !!!!

  17. ACH Group said on 15-11-2014

    This is a great video depicting positive ageing – something ACH Group is
    firmly behind!

  18. Joan Palermo said on 15-11-2014

    love it …. both the message and the soundtrack; looking for a Thai
    version and wonder if there is one.

  19. Vergil Nguyen said on 15-11-2014

    Yeah, the older people can do alot of things, including taking care of
    children and themselves, that’s the truth!

  20. Mark Matthews said on 15-11-2014

    We need give importance our ageing life to get more stronger in the future

  21. Nidhi Mishra said on 15-11-2014

    An amazing video which very beautifully highlights the demographic scenario
    of Ageing, emphasizes on negation of stereotypes and myths about senior
    citizens in society and suggests some of the measures which should be taken
    both at micro and macro level to make Healthy Ageing possible. As a
    gerontologist, I personally feel that we should learn something from it and
    apply it in real life.

  22. AgeAction said on 15-11-2014

    Great video. We hope that as many people as possible in Ireland watch this.
    Congratulations to all involved in making it.

  23. Sukh Bahadur said on 15-11-2014

    i knew it….those who are vegans live the longest in life 🙂 they are the
    ones that knows alot about life and in tune with nature and work with it
    etc….they are the awakened ones!

  24. adhika ayu lestari said on 15-11-2014

    nice 🙂

  25. Rosanna Penilla-Bharucha said on 15-11-2014

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