Make Your Life Better! For a full year, AJ Jacobs followed every piece of health advice he could — from applying sunscreen by the shotglass to wearing a bicycle…

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  1. strangertobluewater said on 12-12-2014

    Basically everything he did is the opposite of what healthy people would
    do–sunscreen, bacterial wipes? Ugh.

  2. luke hall said on 12-12-2014

    bible healthy living?????? 

  3. Hentaii Kun said on 12-12-2014

    Talking about NOISE POLLUTION, can ALL TED talks on youtube drop the
    ANNOYING intro sound that goes ALL the way up and down?! I have to turn
    down my volume but couldn’t hear what the speaker was talking so I turned
    it up… Guess What!? They have the same Annoying Intro Music at the end!

  4. ThePapiDaddy said on 12-12-2014

    Joy seems to play a lot into healthy living and that’s something I’ve
    always thought to be true. If you are truly happy, you probably have lots
    of sources of joy so you “could” be healthier mentally and this should help
    you be healthier physically. 

  5. Amir Keyrain said on 12-12-2014

    joker speaker, joker speech, joker book ads, really ted?

  6. strangertobluewater said on 12-12-2014

    Downarrow me all you want, but I knew before I even wiki’d this guy that he
    grew up in a progressive northeast family, went to fancy private schools,
    and had some sort of useless liberal arts degree.
    There is a difference between intelligence and being pushed through the
    educational system at high levels. This speech demonstrates that point

  7. Kh ris said on 12-12-2014

    The only thing I know is that Jack Lalanne live a long healthy life till 96
    years old.

    Clearly the more we know about health and nutrition, the more scared are
    industries and politicians trying to attach us to unhealthy lifestyles.

    Or just like this idiot who only wants to sell us a book telling peoplo
    what they want to hear :/

  8. Lottie Hula Hoops said on 12-12-2014

    this sounds a lot more like a person who suffered with a form of extreme
    OCD, healthy living is incredibly different from trying to control & keep
    every single aspect of your life healthy and perfect!! a very bad example
    of healthy living 🙁 

  9. youtubeisdeadthankalotgoogle said on 12-12-2014

    so dumb, taking a holy book literally is the dumbest thing you can do.

  10. A Danielli said on 12-12-2014

    This person is an idiot. Clearly has no idea what ‘healthy living’ is

  11. Mikal Røysland said on 12-12-2014

    It was norwegian. Not swedish.

  12. euphemism5 said on 12-12-2014

    I totally understand what he went through. I was cutting myself off from my
    family and friends. I avoided ocial gatherings/dinners as much as I could
    because the food was not “healthy” enough for me. But I was so alone and
    miserable… I only had salad for company most of the time.

    I’m much happier now. I meet up with my friends and family whenever I can,
    and I indulge myself once in awhile. The thing is.. my weight has been
    stable all this while.

  13. MICHAEL TAYLOR said on 12-12-2014

    lol… oy vey… is this really a ted talks? could have been a vlog post
    for all i know…when someone reads his book can you please let me know

  14. Pete Avitable said on 12-12-2014

    “dermatologists” are wrong

  15. Ezra Po said on 12-12-2014

    Maybe for some these books are entertaining. My experience follows as
    such, giddy for the journey ahead to read of a real human live these crazy
    things, semi amused thinking the best was yet to come, scared this was as
    good as it got, finally disgusted I read as much as I did. Definitely not
    books that you somehow learn something about health or the bible or even
    life and yourself. Simple rambling stories throughout that implies you
    should be learning something about the human condition, but you don’t.
    Like this wonderfully simple train of thought..(paraphrased of course) “Joy
    has an enormous effect on health, Junk food companies give us crunch which
    we like but don’t want the bad health effects, Sunflower seeds are kind of
    crunchy and healthier than junk food, I put the seeds in my other food.
    Now I have some joy from the crunch and the health from the seeds.”
    Rubbish! Congrats to him for selling these underwhelming experiences in
    sensationalist books that garner attention based on ridiculousness. 

  16. John Davis said on 12-12-2014

    God damn advertisement for a book.

  17. MatriXz said on 12-12-2014

    Over “healty”-ing can be a terrible idea if you dont like to get sick.. You
    need jerms to train your immune system’s ninja warriors.. Else they will
    only be trained in fighing dunnies, but when a big dinosaur jerm comes,
    they have no idea what to do, so the jerm wins..
    Kinda went totally symbolic there, but you get the point..

    Also eat meat, dont be afraid of meat, just dont OVER EAT, and dont
    supersize your meals..
    Someone in Tedx once said, eat until you are 20% full, then stop because
    the last 20% comes after a few seconds that it takes your brain to recieve
    the “im full” command.. 

  18. I Invoke My First Amendment Rights said on 12-12-2014

    If you attempt to listen to all the “experts”, you will become unhealthy,
    will be more likely to hurt yourself, and probably go insane. If you have
    two “experts” who are both recognized as experts on the same topic, what
    happens when one says to do something that is conflicting to what the other

  19. Mike Jenkinson said on 12-12-2014

    Love this guy and his writing ideas. Maybe I’ll grow up to be a research
    writer one day.

  20. Piotr Wierciński said on 12-12-2014

    intelectual deficiency of this man … , what a shame …

  21. Jon Pace said on 12-12-2014

    Reading an entire encyclopedia will not make you smart. Smart is a mindset,
    it’s not about memorizing facts. You think Albert Einstein read the entire
    Encyclopedia Britannica? Also, in the same way, following every rule in the
    Bible will not make you spiritual, it will just make you crazy. There is
    nothing “healthy” about the guy this guy was living. This is just dumb and

  22. SRINIVASA Bhat said on 12-12-2014

    Funny but true

  23. Jakub Hejduk said on 12-12-2014

    #awsome #optymisticfunny

  24. CA Family Medical Center & Urgent Care said on 12-12-2014

    Joy is a big part of your overall health… AJ Jacobs: How healthy living
    nearly killed me

  25. Ian Kay said on 12-12-2014

    love him for knocking on bill nobody xD

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