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A moving mashup regarding the reality of body image in today’s society. It displays just how much the media can impact the mind in relation to ideals of beau…

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  1. paladindragoongirl18 said on 19-12-2014

    My main insecurity is the fact that I have small boobs.

    At least they included men in this video, it goes to show that both genders
    are just as equally insecure. Men ARE beginning to suffer from eating
    disorders even though majority of women are the ones suffering from eating

  2. olive Edet said on 19-12-2014

    oh my goshhhhhhhhh i neverknew that photo shop can be used to go that far
    by the modeling people, they put a waistling line on the guy, covered up
    his nipple spots…..WOW!!!!!! they pulled her chin to be

  3. Raven Wind said on 19-12-2014

    Never starve yourself from the necessity of healthy living. When you’ve got
    your health, keep it. The media is as plain as drying water on the side of
    the road. It means nothing.

  4. Rhianna Allinger said on 19-12-2014

    What I learned in this module:
    I learned a lot about the effect the media has towards our body images.
    There is a lot of negativity on this topic today. Although the many
    companies and celebrities are fighting it by promoting realistic views and
    teaching people to love themselves.
    I learned about harmful GMO’s and ways to avoid them.
    I learned about BMI and how some feel the chart is inaccurate when
    different factors such as muscle are considered.
    I learned about nutrition and how to maintain a balanced diet, and the
    importance of incorporating exercise into your daily routine.

    Discussion forums for this module were very interesting I feel everyone
    went above and beyond bringing in new information in addition to the text.
    Body image is what I enjoyed discussing the most.

    I think what I nee to change the most in my diet is my sugar in take. I
    work at Tim Hortons and I find my self drinking a lot of coffee and I
    always put sugar in it. I look at how much sugar is truly in each cup and I
    feel guilty but I also crave it. I can sometimes break the habit for a few
    weeks at a time but I always fall back to using sugar. The text has helpful
    hints on how to control it This is a great video about body image.
    This article is a great display of the body image war globally.

    In order to improve my grade I need to work on discussion replies. I find
    myself looking at discussions and articles multiple times a week but not
    replying which does not help anyone. So to answer the next question no, my
    participation has declined. The reason is lack of focus. In the next module
    I will apply myself as if it were the first week of school again. I think
    every other aspect of the course is going great because it is open. Some
    teachers control the timing of each module step, having it open takes away
    the stress of meeting deadlines.

    Word one: Satiety, I found this word interesting because it has such a
    simple meaning though I have never heard it before. It means to be full but
    it can also mean being too full which is not healthy.

    Word two: BMR, The rate at which the body expends energy. I find this
    interesting because it puts into perspective the real effect of food on the
    body. It is something I would like to focus on in my personal life. 

  5. Leona Banks said on 19-12-2014

    If everybody agrees that the MEDIA is to blame for people developing low
    self esteem, why keep watching it and supporting it. Watch shows where they
    have all different body types like Mike and Molly, Roseanne, Moesha, Tyler
    Perry movies etc….stop supporting a media that keeps telling you you’re
    fat, ugly, not good enough etc….just stop supporting it. 

  6. Evan Ackerman said on 20-12-2014

    I love that this includes men as well

  7. Mylaica Conner said on 20-12-2014

    psych video

  8. N Ng said on 20-12-2014

    seriously? does media only think of girls as boneheads who only think of
    our appearance? they put up those sort of ads they just thnk of us a low
    self-esteem person who is desperate for perfection! we r not that kind of
    ppl! we can be intelligent,strong,confident, and successful! evn if
    insecurities and “so-called” flaws get to us we need to remember that if we
    truly believe in these we will let this sort of idiotic media win! we r all
    beautiful. beauty is only skin deep.

  9. HedgehogRebellion said on 20-12-2014

    @0016danielle Its all about proportion, and the media cant change that.
    They cant stick a big fat blimp in a bikini and tell people its sexy. Our
    DNA telss us what is sexy…just like it determines everything else about
    our personalities.

  10. Craig Luther said on 20-12-2014

    people are ridicoulous, they think theyre fat when theyre clearly not. and
    gee, plastic surgery, whats even the point? when your done you don’t look
    the way your supposed to, the way nature made you. you may think you look
    better and i know for a fact my word will not be taken seriously but whats
    the point in lying to yourself? it just makes the problem worse. if you
    think you need a face lift, then damn lift your face! smile more, stop
    furrowing your eyebrows. i did, and it worked. no surgery!

  11. WoohooILoveDolphins said on 20-12-2014

    ‘I think more guys like thick/curvy girls anyway’ She’s too fat. She’s too
    skinny. She’s too heavy. She’s got no curves etc. etc. etc. Guys prefer
    curvy women. Guys love slim girl not fat ones. Guys love real women with
    curves. Guys love model type women not overweight. Fucking. Stop.
    Generalising. And. Putting. Down. Girls. At. The Expense. Of. Others. Could
    we not just accept that there are many different body types and they can
    all be sexy and appealing and great????

  12. FSUfanatic11 said on 20-12-2014

    what about the guys who are expected to look like the incredible hulk with
    a 10 pack of abs

  13. candy frenn said on 20-12-2014

    thats the media making that kind of body popular, girls like Jennifer lopez
    and Nikki Monaj are the ideal body type where as in the 80s it was totally
    different, skinny herion addict looking girls with huge tits!

  14. EXTRA FANCY LLAMA said on 20-12-2014


  15. paullashomb15 said on 20-12-2014

    It just bothers me sometimes seeing how so many people think this is simply
    an issue that only little high school/middle school girls can understand
    and younger guys don’t feel the pressure of appearance at all or at least
    not in the same way. Girls are being raised to believe that they’re not
    beautiful enough, but young guys are being raised to believe that they’re
    not strong or fit enough. It’s the same lie and both are affected by it to
    much the same extent.

  16. Julie said on 20-12-2014

    I LOOVEEE THIS VIDEO! Its so trueeeee!!!!!

  17. Eyaura Eya said on 20-12-2014

    Everyone in advertising up against the wall.

  18. LaceyLeeBrown said on 20-12-2014

    @0016danielle i want to go to your school 0.0 at my school they all like
    very very small girls, i’m so jelly of your school xD

  19. Maddison Reeve said on 20-12-2014

    beauty is not on the outside

  20. Angie Kidney said on 20-12-2014

    0:53 reminded me of when I got sick with a bad infection and dropped down
    to a size 3 and suddenly an ex boyfriend was interested in me again instead
    of being worried about my sudden weight loss…

  21. AldithIcewound said on 20-12-2014

    If you have to change yourself and harm yourself. If you even for a second
    doubt it being good for you. Then no it’s not good. You say ‘I guess’ like
    you’re resigning yourself to being executed. That is no way to live; take
    it from a college student: you are who you are and you always will be that.
    Love it because who you are is a wonderful thing.

  22. Alisa Damlamayan said on 20-12-2014

    none of kids said- I want to be smarter, kinder, happy !

  23. CoconutterlyCrumble said on 20-12-2014

    What are you on about? All of that depends on your natural body shape. To
    be defined as an “hourglass”, the “optimal” shape for a woman, all you need
    is a >6in difference between your bust/hips and waist measurements. In
    addition, I know some very slim girls who have very large breasts, simply
    because of genetics. Weight is ony one small factor in body shape. While I
    agree that people should make their own standards for beauty, everything
    else you said is a crock of shit. :/

  24. Maria S. said on 20-12-2014

    i feel y u …..

  25. Luckyyable said on 20-12-2014

    I understand what you are saying but some people hate themselves so much
    that they turn to food. Hows a hot-dog supposed to reject you? obesity is a
    huge and growing problem, but i didn’t choose to feel the way I feel about
    myself. I agree with you that people shouldn’t listen to advertisements,
    but when the’re everywhere saying the same thing, you start to think, well
    they must be right. I believe that body image issues in just as dangerous
    as our obesity issues.

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