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  1. Catrina Payne said on 23-12-2014

    Read the phone book to me every night, and I’ll never have trouble sleeping
    again. Your voice is incredibly soothing. I could even feel relaxed if you
    hummed the phone book and were off key. ;)

  2. Sherri J said on 23-12-2014

    I really enjoyed this after long hours of work, needing much sleep. This
    video along with talk provided a great visualization. Thanks

  3. brandon heist said on 23-12-2014

    You’re the best my friend. Many thanks from us both!

  4. Michael Sealey said on 23-12-2014
  5. Bromide2 said on 23-12-2014

    Early hours of the morning, finally going to bed, and just like that.. new
    Michael Sealey upload?! Haven’t even listened to this one yet (and suspect
    I’ll be asleep before I’ve heard the whole thing), but I’m pretty sure I
    can thank you in advance. Your videos are always some of my favorites to
    see come up on my subscriptions page. Thanks for the time and compassion
    you put into making these; it definitely comes through to your listeners!

  6. nathaniel koopman said on 23-12-2014

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