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  1. pavel velorok said on 03-12-2014

    thank you, I felt something new. Two questions: 1. What to do with
    swallowing a saliva, a lot of it produced, it’s interrupting and i feel
    myself in physical body 2. Breathing, while controlling it the same
    physical fillings? 3,What can I mix the voyages with during the day? Again
    thank u a lot. 

  2. Terrell Foster said on 03-12-2014

    This helped me have my first OBE. I mainly danced an climbed the walls of
    my room. 

  3. linda simmons said on 03-12-2014

    The trick is to slow your heart rate down totally and only focus on one
    thought and one alone. Once your body is absolutely relaxed and feels numb
    and all together lifeless drive all focus away from your head my only
    focusing on the middle of your forehead. When your heart starts to beat
    fast show absolutely no fear let it happen and just think i want this and i
    can do this then just imagine yourself either falling or floating and have
    a picture or thought of were you will go and it will just happen. You have
    to let it happen by believing it will and knowing you are not scared at

  4. NielsorNiek said on 03-12-2014

    This is some scaring shit, just the voice in the video already freaks me
    out. This is nothing for me.. I’m out hehe

  5. MadnZz said on 03-12-2014

    I didn’t make it past the ball throwing and i don’t really know if it
    worked, i felt in my hands but i didn’t feel my hands above my chest. But i
    had a good meditation nonetheless

  6. Zac Delatorre said on 03-12-2014

    Is it ok for me to be sitting? or do I have to be laying down

  7. URreadingmyaccname said on 03-12-2014

    This one actually works for me. Fucking bookmarked, saved, favorited etc

  8. ATNAVIATOR said on 03-12-2014

    I need to know who this is mentoring the video, please. I can’t find this
    particular guided meditation for astral projection to buy ANYWHERE!

  9. John Garrett said on 03-12-2014

    I’ve done this before and something I figured out for beginners is to lay
    on your stomach when you start this tape. It made the astral flying much

  10. Newby Man said on 03-12-2014

    i’ve been looking for this audio for a loong time..thx!

  11. Ryan S. said on 03-12-2014

    This put me into sleep paralysis a few weeks back attempting to astral
    project with this track on my second attempt so it does in fact provoke
    that state for me. I freaked out asking Jesus to waken me as I felt I
    wasn’t meant to be there and felt negative entities or possibly demons.
    I’ve had this sleep paralysis happen naturally several times in my life and
    always felt negative entities around me besides one time but I just
    couldn’t move. I think It’s because I just had so much fear in my heart in
    general and it set me to that lower dimension possibly?

    I’m new to trying to do this but eager to learn the truth. After much
    meditation I think I’ll attempt it again tonight as I feel so much more at
    ease with myself. Any advise on when you hit sleep paralysis what to do
    next, and If you feel this negative energy?

  12. Ashlee Ray said on 03-12-2014

    I went to a magical school that looked similar to hogwarts but more
    renovated. We learned basic things like arithmetic but we also learned
    astral magic, how to manifest, helping others, activating light body,
    ascension. Etc and I saw other light being there as well. This is the
    school where the kids go to sleep and do magic. It’s really real omfg

  13. Princess Aria said on 03-12-2014

    Holy shit I felt my body shaking and then got scared, even though all I
    want is to meet my higher self and gain knowledge ahhhh im doing it again 

  14. Rex Ankrom said on 03-12-2014

    So I’ve spreading some love here of late by answering people’s questions on
    subjexts like astral projection, shadow people, astral planes, OBEs,
    hearing voices, sixth senses and all the good stuff that we don’t quite
    understand. I’m beginning to realize I may have a lot more to offer than
    most of the people posting videos on the subject. Simply bc I’ve had many
    personal experiences with OBEs, APs etc…If you’re anything like me and
    always wanted some straight answers and no bs I’d be happy to help in
    anyway I can. I just wish I had someone to talk to about this craziness
    when I first started to experience these weird phenomenon. Please feel free
    to email me people. I enjoy the conversation and helping people. I won’t
    feed u a line of bull shit, I just genuinely want to help and will only
    tell you the facts of the shit I’ve been thru personally. Any and all
    questions are welcome. I just ask that you at least have had one of these
    experiences personally or in the least be open minded and believe that the
    world we live in is not as it seems. If you’re here, chances are that you
    know something just isnt right and that’s a good damn start. I truly
    believe that if we all come together and start talking more openly about
    the astral plane we can figure that “something” out and evolve at a higher
    rate!!! Pura Vida. Lexkywildcats@gmail

  15. Tim Slazyk said on 03-12-2014

    There are so many things a “thumbs down” can mean. I wish I knew why each
    individual chose this option. If you were brought up with no belief system
    and had never once in your life been influenced by fear-based sources then
    you’d be less likely to have an unpleasant experience. In other words, if
    all you knew was love then that is exactly what you would experience. Just
    remember two words when entering the Astral realms…”Love and Light”.
    Forget all of your fears and you will quite likely end up having a blissful
    life changing experience. Use your imagination and allow the manifestation
    of the whitest light full of love. You may even understand Quantum
    Mechanics during your experience. I doubt you will be able to explain it
    but at least “you” will know there is one true source, God. Had humans
    been allowed to evolve with this ability, without “mankind’s intervention”,
    there wouldn’t be so many religions today. There would be one true God that
    all could relate to and the world would’ve been a peaceful loving place.
    Instead, we developed “The Monetary System”…the beginning to an end.
    Until we can start over and teach our children the truth, instead of
    filling their heads with fear for monetary gain, and can learn to love in a
    ‘Resource Based Economy”, we will always be searching for “The Truth”, when
    we all have the capability of experiencing the truth for ourselves.

  16. Guitarmaster7272 said on 03-12-2014

    This was fantastic. The only problem I’m having is being able to see… Is
    it possible my Astral self is blind? And talk about zero gravity! Trying to
    move around my room felt like being underwater which is really awesome. 

  17. AfterSunset said on 03-12-2014

    closest i’ve ever gotten!!! buuuut..didn’t get there. because i had to pee.

  18. Jason Kish said on 03-12-2014

    By far, the best Guided AP Binaural I’ve ever heard.

    Amazing in every way. If you’re not familiar with AP, this is the one to
    stick with.

  19. Seetharaman Kuppuswamy said on 03-12-2014
  20. Eric Austin said on 03-12-2014

    Is that Steven Hawkins talking in the beginning????? 

  21. LOCO23332 said on 03-12-2014

    HI, im Chris age 14 and I have had an OBE twice. this almost brought me to
    another late last night but then my dog jumped on me on my bed _ 

  22. Jeremiah Brock said on 03-12-2014

    there was this little beep in the video at random times and when it souded
    i got a bright white flash everytime. anyone else experience it?

  23. Bastille said on 03-12-2014

    Got me super close last night. Best one I’ve tried so far, and I’ve tried a

  24. XpoopinyofaceXz said on 03-12-2014

    So where exactly does this start exactly? Just wondering where and what i
    should be doing.

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