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Health & Diet (Nutrition) Tips! ♥ (+ FAQ!)

Hi beautiful! Thanks for watching ♥ Thumbs up if you found this helpful! 🙂 Think STRONG not skinny – you will get a lot further with a smart and healthy att…

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  1. shakchyat rana said on 16-12-2014

    hey it will be really useful for you

  2. BeautyLovers said on 16-12-2014

    I’m a new subscriber 🙂 I’ve been watching a lot of your videos and I’m
    finding them all very helpful and informative 🙂 thanks you so much for
    spending so much time on them 🙂 xoxo

  3. Nicole Mendez said on 16-12-2014

    Hi, do you eat brown rice, wheat bread, & yogurt? 

  4. shamil rosario said on 16-12-2014

    I want to see pictures of when you were chubby, lol i can’t imagine you
    over weight. 

  5. Lujain x said on 16-12-2014

    annie rice doesn’t contain wheat 🙂 i’m sure about this 

  6. Kim Lim said on 16-12-2014

    Can you do videos on how to eat your daily routine.. I like to see you to
    see what you do everyday with foods .

  7. brenda gaggiato said on 16-12-2014

    i just subscribed, i love your videos !! i’m trying to get healty and you
    are such an inspiration <3

  8. Damien Clarkson said on 16-12-2014

    Stop starving yourself. Carb up. 

  9. soyul moon said on 16-12-2014

    Thank you Annie ^_^ You are gorgeous!

  10. Sarah van G said on 16-12-2014

    Thank you for making this video!! I found it really anoying btw that I had
    to pee so much, so I don’t drink a lot of water. It’s pretty bad, but

  11. Cheryl Ledger said on 16-12-2014

    Hi , because I’m quite big for a twelve yr old and I really wanted to know
    if u can give me some tips on what I could have in my packed lunch instead
    of sandwiches and crisps , I have an apple and banana or an orange but I
    just wanted to know if you could help me ? Xxx thankyou

  12. Healthy Diet Plans & Healthy Eating said on 16-12-2014
    Health & Diet (Nutrition) Tips.

  13. Conny van der Meer said on 16-12-2014

    I really didn’t think you would be tall. Your face looks like the face of a
    cute petite short girl haha.

  14. Alina Ermolaeva said on 16-12-2014

    How many calories do you eat a day? By the way, is craving fruit bad? I eat
    healthy, but I eat a loooot of fruit. And my belly is big because of that. 

  15. Kimberly Aranda said on 16-12-2014

    Also if you want to drink juice or something that has a lot of sugar you
    can just fill up a cup or water bottle with a fruit or fruits you like add
    water and it will taste so good it’s sweet, it doesn’t have a lot of sugar
    and the drink is light. Also I love the video:)

  16. Minetzki TM said on 16-12-2014

    You inspire me a lot to be beautiful inside and out. God bless you, Annie!♥

    Minet from Philippines :-*

  17. Lila Gaire said on 16-12-2014

    Discover the fat burning machine that lies hidden in your body. Go Google
    Fat Blast Furnace to activate it.

  18. earthenidiot said on 16-12-2014

    Great tips Annie

  19. Brenda Gaines said on 16-12-2014

    Good advice..and it works! every little bit helps.

  20. Imge Erton said on 16-12-2014

    you are a great speaker!

  21. Dario Ghidoni said on 17-12-2014

    I want to see your body?

  22. William Hill said on 17-12-2014

    Motivation to exercise and eat intuitively and a reminder that it takes 15
    minutes minimum to “feel” full at any of my mealtimes! 

  23. Katie G. said on 17-12-2014

    This is so inspiring, thank you so much for making this video. Wow that’s
    incredible that you have lost so much weight and you look INCREDIBLE 😀 I
    love that you say we have the power to change our weight if we want, which
    is something I think we all take for granted a lot or scoff at. It really
    does all come down to clean eating and exercise like you said.

    I’m also really curious about the no-wheat thing as that has seemed to pop
    up a lot for me lately! Might want to give that a go :D

  24. Mediterranean Book said on 17-12-2014

    Great diet tips.
    Have you tried Mediterranean Diet?
    It’s healthy and amazingly effective.

  25. Oshane-lee Henry said on 17-12-2014

    Are you Jamaican! 

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