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prominence - The Mind and the Body PV

promineceの2nd PV、「The Mind and the Body」。 □□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□□ ▻ HP ▻ MySpace …

Comments (10)

  1. Craink8 said on 19-12-2014

    @Craink8 Truth teller!

  2. SweetCherimu said on 19-12-2014

    i still listen to this ^_^!~

  3. Craink8 said on 19-12-2014

    Minachichi, is your totem working properly?

  4. SnotAngle said on 19-12-2014

    Good stuff! I like the effects and the song

  5. SnotAngle said on 19-12-2014

    @SnotAngle Liar!

  6. Craink8 said on 19-12-2014

    I just LOVE the lyrics and the sound of this song. And also the PV is
    really great.. I also like the effects! They suit to the sound and lyrics !

  7. newkym said on 19-12-2014

    It’s been nice seeing you guys again at Tenjiku!! What a coincidence that
    was!! Keep it on!!

  8. karenlee101 said on 19-12-2014

    Exceptional quality for the production value. Love the font choice, and the
    lighting, although I wish there were more camera angles.

  9. WolvusMan said on 19-12-2014

    The English Pronunciation Is Great!

  10. Minachichi said on 19-12-2014

    I’m confused. Why my comment is now from Craink8? It was miiine.. |D

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